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Anyone who has real use case of workflows or client portal?


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Hello ,

I was wondering if anyone has usefull workflows that they use for clients. When searching on the forum here i don't see any real use cases but it would be nice to see some examples of what people use this for.... 

This goes for the client portal as well... It would be nice to see come use cases which are usefull for others.

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I have an "onboarding" workflow set up that runs when a new machine is registered.   It determines if it's a workstation or server and then runs quite a number of custom scripts I created from installing some default software that I always deploy to my clients, such as additional remote access tool, Endpoint Protection as well as a few other installs.  

It also runs a few scripts that set certain aspects of the machines environment as well as filling in some custom fields I have in my portal that I use for additional data collection from devices.  

The client portal I've started to use more but it's admittedly limited.  However, 2 such use cases I use it for are..

1.  A customer purchases a new machine themselves and want me to manage it.  I let them log into the portal which displays a link to their client specific Pulseway installer.  They install it, then my onboarding workflow does the rest. 

2. Some of my clients have specific software applications that very infuriatingly have "known" issues that the software vendor refuses to currently fix, like a piece of the software disappearing off the screen and the "fix" is modifying some registry keys and a couple files.  I have a troubleshooter that lets the user having the issue run the script I wrote to auto fix the reg keys and files instead of having to rely on reaching out for help and waiting on a response.   

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Great stuff @Mark G38! 


I would've found the Client Portal a lot more useful if:

1 - The user was able to access it by right clicking the Pulseway-icon in the taskbar, rather than the current setup where we have to pre register accounts for that purpose and then give them permission to access the client portal through a browser. That's a lot of extra unnecessary steps and most certainly something that ordinary users doesn't want to get acquainted with.

2 - The newly added chat functionality is a great idea, but it does also require pre registration for those who want to use it. It's an administrative nightmare to add them separately, and as previously stated users will probably not see the benefits.

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@AC_Martin_J I completely agree with your points.  Especially being able to right click the tray icon much like "get support" if they could be taken to the client portal. 

Unfortunately, seems as Pulseway wants to use the CP as a means to collect more money which I mean, I get it, everyone has to make their money but perhaps if it was more flexible I could see a cost, but currently it's very limited.  


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Ive been using workflows to emulate the automation flows I was used to in other RMMs. 

The first attached photo will trigger off an event Notification from our policy setting event filter, (all our managed systems have OEM licenses), Verify its the right event, via ID, or Name, or contents. and run a powershell script I have to pull the OEM key from the system and apply it. 


and the second gets triggered on high CPU notifications, adds 1 to a System custom field via a PS script and if it is over a value of 3 will email a ticket to our helpdesk. 

Hope this helps spur some ideas!

Pulseway Workflow.PNG


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