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I want to assist clients in other cities & have them install the agent, but I don’t want to hand them my PulseWay login info


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Create Agent Groups accordingly within Server Admin > Configuration. 

Then select "Downloads" for the relevant group, and download the Windows Agent. that MSI will be preconfigured for the Agent Group. 

Once you have the MSI, you can apply arguments to it outlining your dedicated server. 

Then install via this in a batch \ powershell script including the server instance so you don't need to provide any details to your clients.

msiexec /i pulsewayagent.msi /qn /norestart

Then you can create a scope that points specifically at that Agent Group. 

Group Management in Pulseway

Pulseway Deployment Methods


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@WYE, I've removed the SERVER property from your msiexec line as it is not necessary. Preconfigured MSIs contain the server already.

@PlaceboMessiah, Once you have a preconfigured MSI, you can just send them to your clients and they can install it just like any other application and they will not be prompted to enter any credentials.


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If you send your clients the MSI from within Onboarding > Downloads, its an unconfigured agent that you and\or your clients will need to configure (although I suspect it will have the Server\Instance name preconfigured based on @Paul's comment?) 

If you create agent groups and send the clients the MSI from that group, then as Paul mentioned - it will be preconfigured with your Agent Group and Server name. 

Once you have an agent installed, then you can start applying policies to the agent group, so that all your clients will have same configuration (such as - alert if offline for x mins)

Suggest testing out with a test client on your network, and reporting back any issues. 

Also, check the help guides over at Pulseway Help Center (intercom.help). They are generally helpful enough to get started. 

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Preconfigured MSIs are, well, preconfigured with a set of agent-specific credentials and the URL of the server where it needs to connect to. The best part of these MSIs is that they will also be automatically placed in the Organization, Site and Agent Group of your choice so as soon as new systems register, endpoint, antivirus and patch management policies kick in.


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