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Pulseway manager not recognizing USB backup drive attached


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Using USB external hard drive as backup devices and each drive can be recognized if manually added to the notifications/storage screen but I need to know if there is a way to set this to be automatic when the drive is replaced either daily or weekly.  Also, where would this be set globally for are servers being monitored. Currently have 8.6.8.


Thank you,

Todd Kollars
Onsite IT Services

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Thank you for the reply.  By "directly attached storage devices" what do you actually mean?  The USB external storage is connected to the USB port on the server where the Pulseway software is installed, so is directly attached.  Also, it will allow me to add it manually.

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My apologies for the confusion. I wanted to say we only support non-removable hard drives (with the exception of hot swappable drives).


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