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While the system tray is a good idea to allow the customer to communicate with the tech without calling and just opening a ticket, is something that it has fall behind in development and features. Compared to other competitors I don't understand why this section of the Pulseway hasn't been improved in years.

1. The system tray has no customization other than the logo.

2. The system tray support request is very limited to just "Message" and "Priority"

3. When the customer fill up the box called "Message" is obvious that this is to type the message or explain the problem they are experiencing and the reason for the ticket. Well, when the PSA receive this ticket the entire SUBJECT is the message. I don't know who in development though this was a good idea. 

4. The Integration of the System Tray and the RMM should be separated. Because inside the RMM I will like to for the Agent to create a ticket regardless of the Priority, because the customer will choose the priority, but by doing so, the PSA create a ticket for every single Priority, which of course makes it counter productive and a huge mess.


Here is what developers should do.

1. More customization. Allow us to create templates or design the content of the systray for example:

- Contact Information

- Open a New Ticket

- Take a Screenshot and Open a ticket

- Useful Links that we can add for the customer to click (for example a knowledge on our website)

- Allow real chat with the customer, initiated by the customer. We can get notification on our phone.

All these features should be enabled based on a policy, for example I may don't want ALL the customers be able to chat with me, only those who are in a high SLA. Everyone else need to open a ticket. So it will be good that I can create maybe one policy for my SLA customer and one for my regular customers.

2. When the customer request support, this should open their email application, this makes them fill more comfortable typing the SUBJECT and the Description of the problem, in addition some may want to add attachments, copy other emails or forward other emails, or attach screenshots. They may also want to CC other people in the office that may be having the same issue, instead of us receiving 5 emails for the same issue. One person can report for all.

3. Separate the system tray support request from the RMM ticket creation. I only want Critical or High tickets created from Servers only, I don't need normal or Low, but if a customer send a Normal or Low request we should get it as a ticket.


If the development team need help on making this better, let me know cause this is way overdue.


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