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  1. Is there a setting in PSA to turn off the requirement for leaving a note here when resolving a ticket? Seems like it's meant to be optional but it's not for me currently. Thanks
  2. Pulseway why are you dragging your feet on this? There is literally ZERO customisation available for this and therefore it's useless
  3. Just found a different feature suggestion area so I will post this there as well
  4. Hello, I need the ability to set up ticket templates that only a few members of my organisation can access. For example a "New Starter" or "Leaver" template pre-populates loads of info, saving time for my admin team, but if I give everyone in the organisation access to these templates they will do what people do and attempt to circumvent the admin team. Is this something we can see in the near future? Seems like a simple enough thing to implement. You already have a couple "share with..." options on the template creator menu, perhaps we just expand on this a bit? Thanks
  5. Is this still in the works? It's looking like only machines that have sent me a notification are coming through to PSA. Will I still need to force each to notify like MichaelS mentioned above or is there a newly implemented feature I am missing? Thanks
  6. Is this still not possible 4 years later or am I just missing it?
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