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I am not able to install or uninstall Pulseway


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I had installed Pulseway and then wanted to delete it but I was not able to find Pulseway in the control panel uninstall feature and so I tried manually uninstalling files but that also did not work. I tried running the .msi installer again but an error came up saying that Pulseway is already installed but it still was not showing up. Please help me with this.

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I had very similar issues during testing of deployments. 

This is what I was did - :

1. Remove the service via command 

sc delete "pc monitor" 

2. Remove C:\Program Files\Pulseway folder.  (Not always was essential for me, but during my testing wanted to make sure i had a blank canvas)

3. Run the installation from the MSI to install Pulseway with default config.

4. At that point I could removed Pulseway from Control Panel \ Add Remove Programs. 


Hope this helps, 


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