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Remote Control Notification not showing on clients


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I'm currently running Pulseway OnPrem (7.0.0 build 120 release 283), and I'm using Pulseway Remote Control (6.6.3). 


The issue I have experienced is that the remote control notification doesn't always show up on the client when I attempt to remote control a session. We have 150+ computers in our environment and sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it doesn't, and the different behavior can even occur on the same machine from time to time.

Pulseway is configured to automatically allow the remote session if no one accept (or deny) the request within a minute, and I have noticed that even if the notification doesn't show up, the connection will still be established when the timer runs out. 


To make things clearer, here are two different scenarios. (Scenario 2 is the incorrect behavior)

Scenario 1:

Select computer -> Select active session -> Client notification "do you allow x to remote control" -> User press Allow -> Remote session established 

Scenario 2:

Select computer -> Select active session -> Client notification not shown -> 1 minute timeout -> Remote session established 


Are you guys aware of this? Has anyone else experienced the same behavior?

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2 hours ago, Chris said:

Hi @AC_Martin_J,

If you refer to the settings on your monitored system, then it is possible that you have configured Pulseway Group policy to override local settings in Pulseway Manager on the remote system.

Thanks for your reply! 


I can't find any misconfiguration regarding the group policies. This is a behavior that'll happen on our workstations from time to time. I can always remote control the clients, but the issue is that I sometimes have to wait one minute because the notification isn't shown (I know this because I'm talking to the end user via phone simultaneously). 


Have a look at the following pictures to see how I've configured it all: 






Pulseway 6.jpgPulseway 4.jpg

Pulseway 2.JPG

Pulseway 3.JPG

Pulseway 5.jpg

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