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Checking for keywords in log files with Pulseway


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I hope I am in the right Subforum to ask this question.

I recently started to use Pulseway and am impressed what I am able to do with it but I noticed one feature missing that I need.

Is it possible with Pulseway to check Servers/Clients with log files for backups if they have been successful or failed? For example if there is a NAS connected to a network and someone is doing a USB Backup on it I want to check if it has failed so I will get a notification when it fails. I want to use it on Windows and Linux machines so my best guess is to use a script of somekind right?


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Hi @patrickjung,

Yes it is correct you will need to create the script which will capture these events and the use the REST API to send these events to the Pulseway server. For windows systems you might create a new Client Plugin or use the executable 'Notification Bridge' to send these notifications to Pulseway server. In order to add this plugin on your Windows system to Pulseway you will need to open The Pulseway Manager  -> Plugins.

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