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7-Day Monitor Workflow


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Hello and TYIA~

I am trying to put together a work flow that will hold a ticket for 7-days once we believe it is complete.  Once assigned to a particular status, I would like the ticket to stay open for 7-days, then if there are no further updates, close itself.

Does anyone have anything like this they wouldn't mind sharing?

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Should be pretty easy assuming you setup a status lets say its called "7 Day Hold" go into work flow create a new workflow and set the following things.

Under first section "Triggers" set "idle for" and make it 336 hours (7 Days)

Next in "conditions" section select "Status:" to "IN" and "7 Day Hold" (Or what ever you named the status)

Then in the "Updates" section set the "Status:" to Complete or what ever status you want it set to.


- Only down fall to this is reporting for tickets (example average time to complete/close ticket, average open ticket length etc...)

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