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  1. UTS-Mike

    Email Parser

    Chris, I think you are misunderstanding the issue. example Customer sends an email to my work email (not support@ account, an account that doesn't go through Pulseway email parser) saying they have an issue. I then forward the email to my support@ account which goes through the Pulseway email parser. Now the ticket says it came from my company. This issue is common for us also. Mainly when we are out in the field and we forward the email to create a ticket so another available tech can work it.
  2. Dpbklyn, Should be pretty easy assuming you setup a status lets say its called "7 Day Hold" go into work flow create a new workflow and set the following things. Under first section "Triggers" set "idle for" and make it 336 hours (7 Days) Next in "conditions" section select "Status:" to "IN" and "7 Day Hold" (Or what ever you named the status) Then in the "Updates" section set the "Status:" to Complete or what ever status you want it set to. - Only down fall to this is reporting for tickets (example average time to complete/close ticket, average open ticket length etc...)
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