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VM HDD copy

Aaron Trujillo

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So I copied a VM hard drive from one server to the next (lets say it was HDDx1), I just need to make a redundant VM (lets say it is HDDx2).  I have done this successfully many times but never on VMs that are monitored by Pulseway.  After I set up HDDx2, I did a system prep and reinstalled windows on it, gave it a new IP and name (I also renamed the copied VM HDD as well).  Everything seems fine, except for Pulseway.  It continues to send notifications that HDDx1 public IP has switched to HDDx2's IP and vice versa... What information can you provide to help me with this?  I have tried uninstalling and reinstall Pulseway but it continues.  I am not sure if I am fully uninstalling Pulseway though... any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Aaron,

Please delete the HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ComputerIdentifier registry value and restart the service. It's recommended to delete that registry value along with the ComputerName value before you run sysprep so you'll have an image ready to deploy new systems and you'll just see new systems pop into your list of monitored systems.


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