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Are wildcards in the Event log Filter allowed?


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it seems that the Notifications -> Event Log -> Event Log Filter is one of the usefullst things for me.

Now I need to know, if I can use wildcards.

For example: I use Altaro VM Backup for my backups. I searched with EventLogSourcesView for all possible sources on my system. In the moment I use this list: "Altaro Offsite Server, Altaro VM Backup, Altaro VM Backup Controller, Altaro VM Backup Engine, Altaro VM Backup Hyper-V Host Agent, Altaro.HyperV.WAN.RemoteService". It would be easier, if I could just say "Altaro*", but I don't know if this would work.


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Hi Christian,

You can configure the Event Log to notify you about all the events which contain the word "Altaro". In order to do this you need to configure the option 'Contains Keywords' in the event log filter.

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