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Server Down / Critical Notifications

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Is there are a way I can receive alerts on my Android phone for the Critical Notifications category only when a server is offline, shutting down or uncontactable?

Currently I receive Critical Notifications for Windows Updates, which I don't think are really worth being woken up during the night for.


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Just done a search and seen that this topic has been coming up regularly for a couple of years now.

Are there really concrete plans to add this in a future release or is just an idea ?

I'd add my vote to this being high priority as well - as for us its starting to seriously reduce the usefulness of what is otherwise a very good tool.

As we are monitoring more and more servers we are finding that occasionally the critical notifications are getting buried in amongst other notifications that are useful to log - but not critical.

I'd like to see a way on the android app a way to only be notified of critical notifications.  I'd also like to be able to see a way of flagging emails generated from critical notifications as important so they stand out (if there is a way to do this please let me know!)


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