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dashboard on other systems


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The only possible way I can come up is by connecting with a remote desktop or a similar application to a windows instance with the dashboard app installed. Or maybe run a virtual machine inside that linux box with a minimalist windows xp just for the dashboard.

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we are using the Windows dashboard ,but gets a bigger and bigger problem with having multibal dahsboard system with info distributed.
any plan to develop an API for dashboard data? 
so we can can create our own dashboard with combined data ? 
we currently have data from NewRelic and Pulseway on 2 screens as we need more detail to understand whats happening :)

Best regards
Jacob Ipsen - CEO @ FlexPOS.com

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If you want to keep this simple I would suggest a dashboard app for Android and IOS.

This means you can use any LG or Sony TV (Android TV Built in) or use an android device or apple TV.  This allows users to easily dedicate a monitor or TV without the need of additional expensive hardware. 


Sorry but doing this on Linux would be a waste of time as most users would go the route of an inexpensive Android TV appliance, Android TV built into a TV or an AppleTV.  Remember.  Keep it simple!

Actually if you just add it to the existing app and can choose the option of this being the first screen to show upon launching the app that would be great. There are times when I am travelling and it would be great to take an old iphone or android phone and connect to hotel wifi and hdmi to the TV and now I have the ability to take my dashboard with me anywhere I go.

Web based might be ok but I can see compatibility issues if trying to use built in browsers in smart TV's depending on browser requirements.

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