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  1. Looks great so far. Quick question, can you collapse and compress groups?
  2. The red light remains red as long as there is a notification for that computer. There is not "Mark as read" function at this moment.
  3. Have you tried in CurrentControlSet too? Paul
  4. Try creating an account from the mobile application. Maybe PC Monitor is under maintenance. Paul.
  5. If it's a notebook try checking if it's still under warranty, if you already opened it then you voided your warranty agreement. Just to clear this out this was never caused by PC Monitor nor the bluscreen has anything to do with applications you installed, this is just a normal hardware failure.
  6. Yes, the problem is in the driver (less likely) or in the hardware. Try checking the connections of your drives and if that doesn't solve the problem you need to replace the faulty device. Before doing so you can try changing the connection port on the motherboard, low quality mainboards heat up and expand the socket ports thus loosing the connection with the data cable from time to time causing controller errors and in the end bluescreens. Paul
  7. Hello, Kernel Power events are not the cause of your problem. Those events are generated at your next login time of windows. You only need to monitor for disk and controller errors. A disk error will be logged and you will receive a notification if a bluescreen will not fire in that instance. Paul
  8. Paul


    Hello, PC Monitor doesn't support UPS monitoring at this time, however I think it will only be posible only if the UPS manufacturer provides you a third party application that monitors the status and writes events in Windows Event Log or in a file. Then you can use PCM to read the log file or sent it to your email.
  9. +1! PC Monitor has an update system that unlike other solutions doesn't interrupt the user's activity and has a tolerance for faulty internet connections. If PC Dashboard get an auto-update system would be just great.
  10. Hello, The vmware module is not available at the web interface at this moment. At this moment only iOS supports vmware. Paul.
  11. Hello, I think Windows Backup generates events in the event log for successful or failed backup jobs. You can use PCM to monitor the specific event ids and have it deliver a PUSH or an email notification. Reports is a planned feature that will be added to the Enterprise server, however at this moment it's not finished. You can take a look at the Roadmap post to check out the current development status. You can also use PC Dashboard to deliver updated configuration among all installations and manage your notifications from one place. There is also a good reply from JeffVandervoort about the configuration of backup event notifications: Link. Paul.
  12. A subscription is not that bad, gives you extra computers plus gets you access to all features, including the vmware module that was just released in 2.6 . Think about how much time you save using PC Monitor, for me it's a great solution. It helped me a lot and it doesn't cost much, so in my opinion it's a win-win situation.
  13. All server modules got changed to enterprise or subscribers only. Any subscription will reactivate the server modules without any manual reactivation on the host agents.
  14. Hello, PCM Dashboard is already doing this. Try it out. You need to have the target computer online tho. Paul.
  15. Hello, I myself am monitoring a proliant server too. I think it's possible to get controller's status using a simple S.M.A.R.T. query on the device itself, however this is not supported by PCM at this moment. As for HP ILM it can be monitored because it has SNMP trapping features however this is not supported by PCM either. As for ILO2 support it's a good feature, but I'm not sure if it would be a great success for PCM to add it because very few user have HP Proliant servers. I think it will only be possible once PCM has public API available and someone will make a third party addon for it. As far as I know HP uses custom firmware with custom types of drivers for their equipment. PCM is all about generic features that can work on all types of clients not limited to the ones that have a specific brand. You can use PCM to get some stuff too if you find some custom apps that return or write the result in files then you use PCM to read those files.
  16. At the time of downtime if you have remote access to the computer, can you try connection with telnet to the server to see if there is a connection problem? terminal ws18.pulseway.com 443 If you get a timeout then the problem is network overflow or worse.
  17. What errors are you experiencing? I think it's possible to add a last run indicator on each schedueled task, but you need to create a feature request post in the forum or email support. I think it generates and event but I need to test it out myself. If Microsoft Security Essentials leaves a scan log in the Event Log yes, this could work. Paul.
  18. Paul


    Make sure that the service is online and he has access to the internet on port 443. Try this command on windows xp command prompt: telnet ws18.pulseway.com 443 If you see a blank window with a blinking cursor then everything works on your side, however if you get a Connection Timeout error your firewall / network administrator is blocking traffic.
  19. A server is offline event will only fire in the event of network connectivity problems between the Host application and the remote server for more than one minute. The strange thing is that it does not show offline on your mobile application. The information you provided is not enough for a complete understanding of the situation: Do you get a server is offline PUSH notification at the time of the problem? Does that machine happen to perform any other network problems with other services? Have you tried the web interface of pc monitor to see how is that machine showing up? If this is indeed a Dashboard bug I believe that it shouldn't be limited to one customer, I've been using the Dashboard app too with no problems so far for 4 servers.
  20. Hello, I've been thinking these days about a way to know the latency between the host computer and the end device, this feature can be useful in identifying lag spikes and network functionality between a monitored server and mobile device's network (the one you're testing). This can be performed in a series of ping tests between the host and mobile's network. This can be troublesome if the router or firewal on mobile's end is blocking ICMP requests. Let me know what you think about it. This would be a great tool when you need to connect vpn clients in a new network to know how bad it will work . Paul.
  21. Paul


    Are you sure you restarted the PC Monitor service? If you reinstalled the application, did you run it, configure your credentials, pressed the validate account button, then you pressed the start service? Please confirm.
  22. Paul


    You just restart the service on the computer you wish to re-add it to your list. It will show up in no time.
  23. The valuable feature you wished right at your fingers !
  24. As far as I know windows sends the same broadcast message for hibernate and sleep, I remember the old days when I used to create vbs scripts on workstations to prevent them going to sleep or hibernate. I love it the idea but I have set from my Active Directory a screensaver policy that after 10 minutes of inactivity blocks the computer with a password, this can be very annoying and it will eat a lot more bandwidth. Not sure if it's a good practice in your case too but for a few normal desktops this can be used safely, I think. You can already do this by performing pings from another monitored machines in the same LAN, or by monitoring a specific port on that machine, this way you can see if only a service fails (this would send you a notification if that service is monitored) or unresponsive. Great idea, this way you can identify if the process is a windows one or a virus in a different location with the same name, start-up parameters would also do the trick too. This is already possible for active subscribers since 2.5 beta 7. No mirror drivers are required. I was thinking at the exact same thing, but I'm not too sure if it would look too good on the mobile devices but it would be nice to choose to get a tree-view of the processes not the full sorted list. Now let's wait to see what's the official reply on this. Paul.
  25. This is already supported. You can start / stop existing schedueled tasks that are monitored. This is exactly what Marius suggested in his earlier reply.
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