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  1. actually my iphone seems to be working ok. its just on my android tablet that it doesnt alert me anymore.
  2. Hello, I'm having an issue where my android and iphone devices are no longer making sounds to the various alert levels & notifications... Is there an option that I am missing? I've made sure that I've picked a sound for each alert/notification level under the settings. But every time there is a notification, I don't receive any sound anymore... My android app version is 2.9. Any suggestions? thanks!
  3. Oh ok. That would explain these errors. THanks for the quick response!
  4. my computers are being shown "offline" randomly even though they are not offline. .... Are the PC Monitor servers up in the "cloud" OK???
  5. Hi Guys, On my dashboard and iphone app, randomly, servers are popping on & off "the grid". On the dashboard, sometimes i get the big red error running across the bottom of the screen saying something like "The connection to the servers has been lost..."... I can get you the exact wording in a few mins (when it comes back up). But ever since my dashboard upgrading to version 2.8.1, it's been acting strange with this problem. any ideas?? thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I forgot my account password, how do I recover it? i've been trying some passwords that I always use, but i'm down to my last attempt before locking the account. how do I enable password recoverY? thanks
  7. eouk

    Windows Updates ?

    sounds good. Thanks Paul.
  8. eouk

    Windows Updates ?

    I guess, if it runs in the background, it chooses default settings? It looks like the updates installed OK without my intervention.
  9. eouk

    Windows Updates ?

    THanks for the quick reply Paul! I just have another quick question: What about the IE 8 install? DOesn't it ask for user input? Everytime i've manually installed updates and install IE 8 it always ask me to participate in microsoft stuff and if I should install updates, etc...
  10. eouk

    Windows Updates ?

    Hi Guys, I just tried to install windows updates via my iphone app on one of my servers... How does this work? There's no one logged into the server... how does it perform the updates? What if the windows updates needs user intervention to get by some prompts??... How can I check on this? I"m logged into the server now (on the console) and i don't see any "Windows Updates" activity.... Please advise, thanks!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I don't have any tasks on that server that log in as administrator. Administrator just stays logged in under the console session to run some interface apps. For now, I've just disabled logon and logoff notifications.
  12. hi Guys, I'm loving this software! But i have a few minor issues... Last night I enabled Notification of Logon and Logoffs... After a few Windows RDP sessions to the computers and "X'ing" out of the rdp session (I need them to stay logged in)..I am now receiving random notifications of that "The administrator" logged in... and the administrator logged off... These notification are very random... So now I have to just leave that notification off for now. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Am I doing something wrong? Please advise. Thank you!
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