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  1. Thanks for that it worked, do you have any idea what causes this as im positive i have a few other clients affected by this?
  2. Hello we have a PC that has been showing offline for over 3 weeks now even though its is on, i assumed there was a problem with PC monitor and follwoing other posts on this forum decided it may be best to uninstall and reinstall but when i try to uninstall from Add/Remove Programs i recieve the following error and it will not uninstall; Error 1001. Unable to get installer types in the C:\Programs Files\PC Monitor\PCMonitorSrv.exe assembley. --> Unable to load one or more of the requested types, Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. This system is a Windows 7 32bit Any Help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello please could someone advise on how i can configure the software to send notifications of all Errors or Warnings that come from the System Event Log. I have found the section within the software but it asks for keywords and source, which if you have not had the error before you wont know.
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