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  1. Hello, Try browsing to the PC Monitor folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\PC Monitor) and right click on PCMonitorSrv.exe and go to Properties. Please click the unblock button if it exists. Try checking the other files in that directory if they are blocked. Example: If there is no unblock button please tell me if the computer is part of a domain. If nothing works let's try to create the service manually: sc create "PC Monitor" BinPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\PC Monitor\PCMonitorSrv.exe" Can you please confirm that your system date is accurate too? Thank You, Paul.
  2. Please post a new thread in the Bugs section if you manage to reproduce the problem on other machines. Thanks
  3. After the second reinstall is the service now listed among others? Try installing it manually to see if it works: Thread Link.
  4. This is very weird. Basically the msi works well since every person used it to install PCM. I'm very interested in this case. For some reason the msi installer is not performing a normal install. Here are the steps to perform a manual install: 1. Download PC Monitor files from here. 2. Extract your files in the desired path. 3. Run this .reg file from here (WARNING: Please verify it's contents as it's a public paste, anyone can change it and it can lead to system malfunction). 4. Browse to your .NET 4.0 folder (x86 Default Location: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 ; x64: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319). 5. Run InstallUtil with the full path of PCMonitorSrv.exe as a parameter. Example: Note: Add brackets if your path contains spaces. 6. Add pcmontask.exe to your startup folder in start menu or create a string value in the registry at path: With any name and in the value put the full path of pcmontask.exe: Example: Here is a REG file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "PC Monitor Operations"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PC Monitor\\pcmontask.exe" Note: Add brackets if your path contains spaces. Now try running PC Monitor Manager and configure it's settings. I hope this helps and I am looking forward to know if you encounter this problem on other machines. Paul.
  5. Try browsing to the following paths (type in run): %ProgramFiles% %ProgramW6432% %ProgramFiles(x86)% Please tell me if any of those are unbrowsable. Have you tried installing the 32 bit package too?
  6. Is your os installed on 'C' partition?
  7. Hello, Can you confirm that you can perform windows update applications directly from windows? Did you enable proxy usage in pc monitor manager?
  8. Yes, it's a good idea. You can never have enough security.
  9. Hello, I expressed myself wrong. I wasn't trying to say you tried to cheat . Sorry about that. Same here, I use the PC Monitor software for support and we can't really host a server due to our bandwidth problems, but the retail servers are working awesome. I am in the same situation as you are, me and my brother use the same account so that's what I was trying to tell you. Thanks Marius for clearing it out. Paul.
  10. So now you are using the old version and the problem got fixed?
  11. Try uninstalling all you .net frameworks and reinstall .net 4.0 . Please check if windows installed some updates recently.
  12. Hello, There is a rule that clearly states that one person can have only one account. This is enforced to prevent evaluation cheating. You are allowed to share your account with anyone as long as you want as long as you understand the risks this may cause. Enterprise servers allows you to make computer sharing with multiple account based an access policies, if you need something more professional.
  13. That happens when an update has failed to download, the service was closed and started again with the same version thus causing the "Up and running" message. This notification will not happen if you As Marius said. Just a question: Are you sure you don't have network problems? Paul.
  14. Not 100% sure but receving a push notification is A LOT less traffic than the auto check of emails and other apps. If you only use PCM with live view on a regular basis you should get about 60MBs per month.
  15. There is, you can share a computer with another account in read-only mode as Marius stated in his first reply. This can be fixed with an Enterprise Server which gives you access to account management. Consider this scenario you have 3 servers all under the same uber-admin account. From that account you create a share with your account with full-access and the other two read-only access in order to get notifications. The other admins can get full access on their servers too.
  16. Why not allow all devices to use access your computers?
  17. Hello, I would really love to know when my computer was last seen online (Date and Time if possible). This information should be included when the computer is offline. It's useful to know when the computer got offline if you don't actually monitor it's power state. Any comments on this? Thanks.
  18. No users are allowed to view other profiles for privacy reasons. You can still access your PM box using the envelope letter on the top of the forum ( two icons on the left of your name). Here is a quick link to compose a new message and here is a link to your PM box. Paul.
  19. It's not only dialogs that can be resized like this. It's more of a estetical bug. Nothing that can mess up the functionality of the application. I think it was designed like this to allow enlargments of forms.
  20. Nothing wrong with the OS and no war but I was just pointing out a few facts that cost does not mean quality. And yes everyone has the right to like / dislike anything they want .
  21. Apple takes a computer from it's factory price adds the brand and amplifies the price with 50% then sells it. No thank you . No offense intended but other than providing paid customer support and "We are sorry but for this type of question you must contact one of our phone support agents". I've been using some of their products and I can tell you for sure their products are highly overrated and overpriced. I find it shame to waste a lot of money only to buy from a brand. If you would like good support try approaching some enterprise level products such as HP or Dell. Apple is a successful company for it's brand not for quality products. If you're an apple customer please answer just one question, what do you do when your computer starts slowing down in time? [You buy a new one, everyone does. Nobody bothers opening one of their products to see that they apply some form of transparent glue that oxides the contacts and kills it in time.] I'm sorry but I just couldn't help it. I can't be a fan of a product made to die only to buy a new one. @Thread: I recommend you purchasing some SSDs as they are more safe and faster than normal hard drives. Paul.
  22. Hello, What is exactly happening when you start the app. It opens and closes by itself? Does it make an error message?
  23. +1 I like the idea. It actually promotes user activity and adds more kudos to the community. Let's see what the others have to say about this.
  24. Hello, This can be caused by incompatible .NET versions. Can you please tell me the directory contents of C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework ? The folder contain a subdirectory for each .NET version you have installed. Paul
  25. I couldn't help to notice that you specified Remote Desktop connection links. Will it require to open rdp ports and use custom rdp ports for multiple machines in the same external network or it can traverse NAT on both ends? Great job by the way, love the new UI!
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