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  1. i uninstalled pc monitor on the android device, deleted autorized device on pc. Reinstalled pc mon. on android and did a new autorized on pc now everything work. Tanks for the support. Bought a 10 computer licens to my work. Tanks for great software Martin
  2. Today i bought a new phone htc incredeble S with android build 2.35 stock rom. Installed pc monitor from market and still dont get push notification. any idea what can cause this. Martin
  3. i do have costum rom on my phone and galaxy tab. Thanks for the support Martin
  4. yes on push notifications no on email notifications
  5. yes i get notification from market when new apps are avalible and email notification are there. i got notification before (3-4 updates ago) but cant remember what verson number of pc monitor app i was using when the notification dissapeard, i got the the same problem on my galaxy tab 10.1. thanks Martin
  6. My notifocation dosent work anymore. I am on the latest version.
  7. I get wrong tempurature reading on intel DX58SO2 motherboard. If i install intel own temp. reader program i shows the right temp. Is there somthing i could do or is it in the program Pc Monitor. Window 7 64 bit install Martin
  8. It work now. Tested on firefox and ie9 /Martin
  9. I to have this problem. Tested with Firefox, Chrome , and IE9 and all the browser stopped with loading theme.
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