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  1. I've been asked if it's possible to enable the option for receiving other Microsoft products in Windows Update. I looked at Pulseway's OS patch configuration and don't see an option for this. If I were to enable this option via registry/GPO, when Pulseway does OS updates would it also fetch the updates that this registry key/GPO would enable, or does it ignore those updates entirely?
  2. We are still getting errors for multiple things, like Forticlient VPN and Teamviewer. I've submitted diagnostic logs and had live support sessions with members of Pulseway support, and it feels like this is going nowhere. Just had to set up yet another live support session for these issues, which I expect will produce nothing. How can we rely on Pulseway for addressing vulnerabilities through third party patching when it fails to work consistently?
  3. Is anyone else getting frequent errors from 3rd party patching? Attached is an example, which seems to be happening since Pulseway 9.3.
  4. Hi Paul, Thanks for the update, it's working now.
  5. Is anyone else having issues adding new titles to 3rd party patching, or updating existing custom titles? Every time I try, I get the attached error, which doesn't provide any insight. I am following the documentation on the process, found here, but get the same error every time..
  6. What needs to be done to get this working again? All our machines are still failing. I assumed the hotfix would be applied automatically to agents but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  7. Same problem here across the board, nothing is working with Windows Update now.
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