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  1. Hi, you have to put your account in it and than click authenticate. After that you will see the password field. BR Jens
  2. Hi! I want to write back the result of the following short script into a custom field to put this at the corresponding machine. How I have to do this? wmic diskdrive get model Result is for example: Model Generic MassStorageClass USB Device Samsung SSD 980 PRO 500GB Generic MassStorageClass USB Device WDC WD10EZEX-75M2NA0 The result should stored into a custom field for the machine. Thank you for helping!
  3. Currently I'm testing pulseway and also I use currently the serial number in my RMM. So it is very helpful to have the serial number in the asset information on every device.
  4. Hi! I have the following situation: Windows Server 2016 Standard, Windows Defender Features uninstalled, AV Product = Panda Adaptive Defense 360. The Pulseway RMM shows no AV Status. Only he said that the firewall and status from windows side is ok. Next to the server I have a Windows Client with the same situation but where the Panda is detected. It is clear that I can see only the status, but this is important. Perhaps someone has an idea in this case. BR Jens
  5. For me it is also a must have to start remote session from a mac. It would be great to have an Integration in the future.
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