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  1. Yeah i agree this is ridiculous at this point, im sure it took more effort to remove the automation that did exist then to just leave it. Its been almost 6months at this point don't expect me to renew.
  2. is there any ETA at all when this will be back?
  3. I'm told these are being implemented back into the next update, but this is killing me in support requests that were previously automated
  4. Guys WTF is this. I specifically use pulseway to help automate solutions and fixes based on rules and now its not supported? What release was this removed? No wounder why i see such a influx of ticket now... Why is this function removed? I will gladly removed my subscription if this is the case
  5. It was would be awesome if you could in the pulseway rules, create a rule that if it see's an alert/notification/event log error X numbers of times within so many hours or minutes then run the rule specified. What this would do is allow me to automate a fix to a problem without having a false positive and running a rule that really was only effecting 1 person versus 10 people for example.
  6. The following Features would be great to see added Select which items can generate notifications and certain hours, for example, i don't care if something failed to ping at 3am but i might want to know if a server goes offline at 3am. So i want to be able to pick and choose certain items and which hours those notifications are active. ping but do not notify (just to view when needed for troubleshooting)
  7. I have created a group Policy in pulseway under all my groups. I created a Event log notification that monitors the system log for 1001 and 41 but it doesn't push out to any of the machines. It has however successfully pushed out the screens view and remote desktop setting though. When looking at the servers there is just nothing under the notifications under event log, that's what i mean by its not pushing out correctly.
  8. I'm getting a similar error, but mine says it "Cloud not establish a trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'ws7.pulseway.com'" The time is correct, the date is correct and we re-installed and also tried rebooting a few times. This is on 2K3 server.
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