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  1. I am attempting to start an app interactively with the desktop. With the following code the script just runs until killed. If I remove the top two lines it runs and finishes but obviously doesn't interact with the desktop. $cred = (Get-Credential $env:USERNAME) Enter-PSSession -computerName "$env:computername" -credential $cred cd $env:userprofile\Desktop .\Loader.bat I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  2. It seems this app is not able to start itself when I reboot my phone. If I forget to launch it (or FSM forbid close all apps) after restarting I get no notifications. Is this intended behavior?
  3. This is close to my issue as well. I would like a feature similar to the Problems frame in Nagios where it will display current issues and once the issue is resolved it will go away. Are there any thoughts or plans for heading in this direction in the future?
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