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    Andy Raybould reacted to Patrick in Disable Services monitoring for specific Services   
    When u use the built-in script "Add Automatically Started Services in Pulseway" some services wil be monitored that are triggert and not always on.
    This wil result in unwanted notifications.
    The first variable has the servicenames you want to disable.
    $services = @('gupdate', 'ShellHWDetection', 'sppsvc', 'RemoteRegistry', 'MapsBroker', 'tiledatamodelsvc', 'WbioSrvc', 'WinDefend', 'CDPSvc') $servicesRegex = [string]::Join('|', $services) # create the regex $regservices = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" $regservicesSplit = $regservices -split ";" foreach ($regservice in $regservicesSplit) { If ($regservice -match $servicesRegex ) { $servicesSplit = $regservice -split "=" $servicesTrim = $servicesSplit[0] $servicesTrim = $servicesTrim.Trim() Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" -Name $servicesTrim Write-Host $regservice " Verwijderd" } } Hope it helps.
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    Andy Raybould reacted to dpbklyn in Two Feature Requests   
    Here are two feature requests:
    1. The ability to Clone Tasks
    2. The ability to move Scripts from one folder to another
    Thank you!
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    Andy Raybould got a reaction from Paul in 6.0 Cannot move individual devices   
    Agreed with previous comments but then just noticed that on the Agent Group section, where the Systems are listed, at the bottom left hand side of the page there is an Edit link.
    Click this and then you can moveout the device (System) and then choose where to move it to.
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    Andy Raybould reacted to Dubs in User "Self Help" Portal   
    Had an idea for a self help portal for users using Pulseway. I was looking through the API and didn't see any hooks to allow this; but what if admins could define a list of scripts that users could self-run on their systems through Pulseway. 

    A good use case for this would be installing common apps like Google Chrome or doing a series of regular tasks like emptying recycling bins or clearing various caches. Basically giving users access to a set list of scripts that they can run on their own computers through Pulseway.

    The place I'm currently working at would greatly benefit from this having several hundred users and the number of times we have to install a single app on individual computers is quite tedious.
    I did not see anything like this listed as a feature or request. I do apologize if it is available and I just missed it.
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    Andy Raybould reacted to SyntechCS in Chat Reply Warning   
    I know this post is almost a year old but as a new user of the chat facility I just wanted to add my comments to the numerous others which have requested some kind of notification. I think as a minimum it needs some kind of alert but I don't really think that's the best solution. In order to make the chat feature something useful it would be far better to have it as a pop-up window, similar to what the end user sees, this way the technician is able to carry out other tasks within the Pulseway web app whilst simultaneously monitoring the chat window. Furthermore this could add the ability to then chat with multiple end users at the same time which would be immensely more useful than it's current implementation.
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    Andy Raybould reacted to Chris in Android App   
    Hi Andy,
    Yes, currently we do not have the mobile app for the Pulseway PSA, however we are planning to add this option into the future release. But in the mean time you can use the web interface on your mobile device. It is mobile friendly.
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    Andy Raybould got a reaction from Edd in Product Branding   
    Ditto. Branding is important. Would happily pay a bit extra on the non-enterprise edition to have that option.
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