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  1. Hi Chris ... would appreciate an update please. Thanks.
  2. Hi Chris Any updates on this. Getting to the end of my trial soon.
  3. Thanks Chris. Probably a new thread and pin it up. I'm sure it will be helpful for the rest as well. Looking forward!
  4. Hi Chris Thanks for the reply. Just wondering if it would be helpful if PW could provide downloads of the exported event log filters, performance counters and service monitor. These exports could be labelled as "standard checks" something that one could start-off and work on. For example, Failed Logins, Disk Errors, Critical Events etc.
  5. Hi Would anyone care to share what notifications are you setting for the machines? i.e. Event Log i.e. Services i.e. Processes Is there a "standard" check list that can be imported? Edit Addon For Clarity: I'm probably asking for too much but I'll ask anyway. I'm not sure if it exists but if there is someway where I can get my hands onto exported PW Event Log Filters, PW Performance Counters, it will be great. These are probably standard checks/tests that should be monitored to a typical workstation.
  6. Hi Chris Thank you for the response. I do agree that the usability and security are important factors. We will evaluate base on what we have. Thank you.
  7. Hi Chris Thank you for your response. As a new trialist, my key concerns are the web access and inventory report. Is there any more information that you might be able to provide in relation to these 2 areas? If its not appropriate to be posted, please advise if I should send in a support email. Thank you.
  8. Hi This would be a great. The local PW app needs a little re-branding. Clients understand that we are using an agent to monitor their machines but would rather see a familiar name rather than PW. Any timeline on this happening?
  9. Hi New trialist here and was wondering if the community would be able to assist with some of my queries instead of flooding official support with these queries. TYIA. (a) Notifications Understand that there are 2 types of the notifications - PUSH and EMAIL. Have been able to enable them using the PW Manager. If both are enabled, does that mean all devices in my account that are PUSH capable will receive these PUSH notifications while at the same time, EMAIL notifications will also be sent out? ( Notifications - Email I am only trialing the professional version, not enterprise. Understand that one is able to customize the email notifications in the enterprise edition, specially, what can be customized? Subject? Body? Footer? © Web Access http://my.pulseway.comis a little heavy. Note on the roadmap that a HTML5 revamp is on the works. Any ETA? (d) Inventory Report This seems to be lacking. (Or perhaps I can't seem to find it). How do the rest carry out inventory reports i.e. in our line of work, we need to provide inventory reports (hardware/software) on a quarterly basis and PW doesn't seem to be able to fulfill this? How do the existing users of PW fulfill this?
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