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  1. Hi,

    Have you tried to setup this monitoring for the host system? If the Pulseway agent can not be installed on that system, then you may try to monitor it via SNMP from the Pulseway agent on the Windows system which is not installed directly on the same system. For more details about this please check out the following link.

  2. Hi @WWTTG,

    Yes, that is correct we send only one notification and in order to receive the next notification you will need to delete the previous one. This functionality is implemented to prevent your inbox to be flooded with emails if this process is crashing multiple times in a short period of time.

  3. Hi,

    Unfortunately it is not so simple. Emails are sent by the Pulseway server, therefore all this information needs to be sent back to the Pulseway server and then server should know how to handle these addition email addresses if added. This would require some development to be done. I will put this forward as the feature request, therefore we will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.

    Also, this functionality currently is requested only by you.

  4. Hi @Tommy,

    You might write a script which will run locally on your system and check count of the files into the folder and send the notification if the count has been increased by one.

     Note: when  ever the new file is detected, then you will need to update the count for the files in script, therefore I would suggest you to write this variable in the registry or in some other location, so your script can read it before the next execution.

  5. Hi @sakis_s,

    Please open the Pulseway WebApp (https://my.pulseway.com) -> Accounts -> Overview and make sure that notifications are not disabled for your account. Also check your devices section to see if your device has the access to the required systems.

  6. Hi @Martin Stevnhoved,

    We already have Built in Zendesk integration. All notifications which are generated from the monitored system will be forwarded to the Zendesk. For more details about this please check out the following link.

    Note: offline notifications are created by the Pulseway server, therefore this notification will not be sent to Zendesk via integration, but it can be done by forwarding email to your Zendesk.

    Have you tried to enable the Support Request from your monitored systems? This will allow the end user create the notification on-demand and it will create the Zendesk ticket once the notification is sent. For more details about this, please check out this link.

    Yes, that is correct that you will need to provide your own SQL table to to sync Zendesk ticket ID's and Notifications and display it in another web page. The Pulseway integration sends the ticket in your Zendesk, but we do not check what ticket number was assigned to it. Also, we currently do not support the option to update the Message in the Pulseway Notification via REST API, therefore we can not add Zendsk Tickets ID in the body for the notification at this time.


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