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  1. Hi Jason, We are sorry to hear your experiencing problems with our iOS app. Please delete the application and download it once again from the App Store (Application configuration will not be lost). Please confirm that this fixes your problem. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  2. Hi Matt, Thank you for your feedback. We will most definitely consider adding the full application version to the Installed Software report. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  3. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your feedback. We would like to add SNMP variable based conditions in the Pulseway "Rules" engine in the future. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  4. Hi, Can you please check out which suspend mode is set in your BIOS settings? Are you using Hybrid Sleep? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  5. Hi, We are surely going to be considering this server module. Thank you, Chris Pulseway Support
  6. Hi, We like the idea and think it would be a great improvement for Pulseway. Our development team will find a way to make this happen. Thank you for your feedback. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  7. Hi, We just released Pulseway 4.5.2 and it includes the ability of exporting notifications to CSV files. Thank you for your feedback. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  8. Hi Crank, We've resolved this problem in Pulseway version 4.6.2. Can you please confirm that this problem is no longer happening on your systems? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  9. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We offer premium support for all Pulseway users. If you are using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 you need to install this hotfix and restart the operating system to fix the SSL trust problem. Click here for more information about this known bug. Regards, Chris Pulseway Team
  10. Chris

    Remote Desktop (Beta)

    Hi Matt, At this moment it's only possible to send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Windows 7 (or newer) or Windows Server 2008R2 (or never) machines on the console session. We plan on supporting more operating systems by the time we fully release the Remote Desktop feature. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  11. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We will add the option to export notifications to a CSV file in the next Pulseway release. Thanks. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  12. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We are definitely going to look into these, thank you. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  13. Hi Emphyrio, Thank you for your feedback. I've added it on our list, it will be considered for a future release. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  14. Hi, Pulseway doesn't accept non valid SSL certificates to prevent identity theft. You have the following options: You have a trusted certificated authority sign your server's SSL certificate; Don't use SSL encryption for Pulseway's File Browser feature; Locally add the root CA (or the certificate if the SSL certificate doesn't have a self signed CA) to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority certificate store on the local machine (not on the user store) - not recommended. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  15. Hi, We will add an automatic update feature for modules with downloadable components so that you don't have to manually roll out update using the workaround posted in the previous post. This feature will be included before we fully release the Remote Desktop. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  16. Hi, Sure, you can push this configuration at the installer and it will automatically import the configuration file. See this post for more information. Unfortunately no, if you remove values from the exported configuration file defaults will be used. We recommend you build a script that will do the following actions: Run the Pulseway installer with the unattended arguments pointing at a pcmcfg configuration Stop the service (net stop Pulseway) Import a registry file (which will change only certain parts you wish to add) Start the service (net start Pulseway) We have high interest in adding support for selective configuration export so we will definitely look into this. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  17. Hi Crank, Thank you for your report. You remove the Pulseway User Agent tray icon by opening Pulseway Manager, navigate to the System -> General tab and then deselect the User Support Request from the User Session group. Multiple tray icons for Pulseway User Agent is a known bug and it will be resolved in the next Pulseway windows agent release. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  18. Hi, This is a popular request and we did consider it however we don't really like the idea to just delete the notification if the condition no longer applies. You will still want to know that there was a problem, don't you? We're considering on adding the ability to see a notification history (when was the notification marked as read and (if applicable) when the notification condition no longer applied). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  19. Hi Matt, We just released 4.6.1 that fixes the storage notification. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  20. Hi Matt, We have identified an issue in the group policy and a fix will be included in the next maintenance release. Thank you, Chris Pulseway Support
  21. Hi Matt, Thank you for letting us know. Our development team is investigating it as we speak. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  22. Hi, We like the idea and we're considering the best way to notify you when notifications come up. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  23. Hi Matt, Really helpful indeed. This is most likely something we are going to look into adding. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  24. Hi, I've found this wiki page which instructs you how to connect via SSH to the Ubiquiti devices. Once you're in, you can check what linux distribution they are running and what CPU architecture it has. If it's something we support already, download and install Pulseway on it. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  25. Thank you, I've added your request to our list. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
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