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  1. Hi, I have a UPS through which I power a NAS, 2 PC's and the router which they are all connected to. I have the USB cable from the UPS connected to the NAS, and can successfully cause the NAS to shutdown when a critical power alert is sent to the NAS. I have also set up the SNMP module in Pulseway to monitor the SNMP status of the NAS, which as well as the status of the disks and suchlike, can also show the status of the connected UPS. I have successfully caused the notification module in Pulseway to alert me when the UPS status changes, but I cannot see a way to make the SNMP module do anything other than cause notifications. What I would like to do is cause a critical power notification from the UPS to shutdown my two PC's via the SNMP module. Is this possible? I have the free version of Pulseway, is this functionality only availble in the paid for version? Thanks, Kevin
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