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  1. When trying to query from Pulseway manager, I am able to query the server information and database information for master. I cannot query the information for user databases because Azure SQL requires that you connect to database, and nos just change database with USE. I think it would be a fairly simple task to change the Module to support its basic functionality on Azure SQL.
  2. When trying to configure SQL Server module for an Azure SQL, it tests the connection fine. But when Pulseway tries to get information from the server, it writes this error in the trace.log 29-11-2018, 10:53:07.404: [Service] Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.UnknownPropertyException: Product: unknown property. at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.SqlPropertyMetadataProvider.PropertyNameToIDLookupWithException(String propertyName, PropertyAccessPurpose pap) at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server.get_Product() at MM.Monitor.Service.Configuration.DbSQLServerConnection.GetServerInfo() at .........(Request .)
  3. Hi. I would really like to see the SQL Server Module to support Azure SQL. It would be great if we could se performance data (which all can be read from system tables), and create notifications based on thresholds. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/system-dynamic-management-views/sys-dm-db-resource-stats-azure-sql-database
  4. ping? Have you looked into this? It would be a huge improvement plugin, if it was possible to view show performance i Plugins, like it is possible in Performance Counters.
  5. +1 Azure AD authentication would be a great addition. Today we have password to many different system, and is resetting lost password constantly.
  6. +1 Azure AD authentication would be a great addition. Today we have password to many different system, and is resetting lost password constantly.
  7. Hi. It would be nice with a searchable Remote Desktop history. It could include fields like... Date/Time Device Session User Confirmed Durration For audit it would be great if it was possible to document what when users has had a remote desktop session, and if it has been approved by the session user.
  8. Improvements for the maintenance mode has already been discussed for years here: We are still waiting :-)
  9. +1 It would be nice. Pulseway is getting more and more cluttered, while you implement great features, that are not relevant for me. :-) Br, Martin.
  10. I don't need to update any registry keys. I need to replace a plugin-file, that is locked by Pulseway. I can only overwrite the file, if Pulseway is stopped. But if I stop it the Automation task is stopped. I have tried to remove the plugin from registry, but the lock on the file is still first released when Pulseway is restarted.
  11. Hi. I am making an Automation Script that updates a custom plugin-file, that might is always be in use, to a newer version. If the plugin doesn't already exist everything works fine. But if it already exist it cannot be overwritten, because the Pulseway Service (and managers, if any are running) is using the file. My solution is to stop the service, overwrite the file and start the service. It works very well when executing manually in ISE, but not when executed as an Automation Script from Pulseway. It looks like the entire script is terminated when the service stops, and the execution doesn't return anything in execution history - not even an error. Could anyone help me with the best practice for updating a plugin dll-file from an Automation Script. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  12. That would be very nice. !! But sometimes it would return more rows. So a notification setting could also be if the criteria has been met on Any, All or None records.
  13. Hi. I would still note that this would be a HUGE improvement. It would make it possible to make you own notifications, without learning c# and writing plugins. Right now I am looking a notifying if the DFS-R state is not normal (<>4). It would be so simple with a generic WMI module.
  14. Wuhu .... The future is here! Thank you very much for this long time expected feature!
  15. Hej Paul, The plans you are talking about - are they a part of your 2017 roadmap?
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