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  1. @David- scripting something like this seems to me like the fairly large amount of money we pay for the software is kind of wasted. Timer on maintenance mode is a basic functionality of any decent monitoring tool on market and Pulseway not being able to introduce this simple thing in couple of years is very disappointing...
  2. I wonder if there is any progress in this?
  3. Hello, I would like to ask if you are planning to add maintenance mode timer. This function has been on every monitoring system I've worked with so far and Pulseway not having is causing a lot of issues with engineers forgetting to turn off maintenance mode. At the moment I was forced to check all servers through powershell and report on the maintenance mode twice a day. I think I don't have to say this is highly inconvenient, when simple timer would solve this issue.
  4. +1 on this request. It seems most of the competing software do have timers. Also would be nice to schedule maintenance by minutes, not hours. And report on servers in maintenance mode would be superb too :).
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