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  1. Martin Stevnhoved

    More that one notification per plugin?

    Hi again @Paul. How does CanSendNotifications work together with notificationIdentifier?
  2. Martin Stevnhoved

    More that one notification per plugin?

    Hi Paul. I found it myself: void SendNotificationToAllDevices(string message, NotificationPriority priority, bool allowMultipleNotifications, string notificationIdentifier) Are there any more hidden gems, not mentioned in the docs?
  3. Martin Stevnhoved

    Windows Updates - can we ignore the last X days

    Any update @Chris?
  4. Martin Stevnhoved

    Add Windows RDP to Pulsway RDC

    ping? on the Remote Desktop Client.
  5. Martin Stevnhoved

    Push a registry setting to all devices

    Hi @Quenten Grasso I think that you are missing, that the post was posted in 2015 Today it is indeed possible with scripts and tasks.
  6. Martin Stevnhoved

    BitLocker Recovery Password

    Hi @Marius and @Chris. Have you been looking into this?
  7. Martin Stevnhoved

    More that one notification per plugin?

    Hi Paul. Can you help me to find the documentation for different notifications? I need the default option (without allowMultipleNotifications) to work with different notifications. I guess it should be possible to add som kind of notification_id.
  8. Martin Stevnhoved

    Date/time formatting and timezones

    ping? on timerzone support in plugins.
  9. Martin Stevnhoved

    Improve shutdown notification

    ping? Think this would be a quickfix/-win.
  10. Martin Stevnhoved

    Tags by rules / dynamic tags

    Any status @Paul?
  11. Martin Stevnhoved

    Support for Azure SQL

    When trying to query from Pulseway manager, I am able to query the server information and database information for master. I cannot query the information for user databases because Azure SQL requires that you connect to database, and nos just change database with USE. I think it would be a fairly simple task to change the Module to support its basic functionality on Azure SQL.
  12. Martin Stevnhoved

    Support for Azure SQL

    When trying to configure SQL Server module for an Azure SQL, it tests the connection fine. But when Pulseway tries to get information from the server, it writes this error in the trace.log 29-11-2018, 10:53:07.404: [Service] Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.UnknownPropertyException: Product: unknown property. at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.SqlPropertyMetadataProvider.PropertyNameToIDLookupWithException(String propertyName, PropertyAccessPurpose pap) at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server.get_Product() at MM.Monitor.Service.Configuration.DbSQLServerConnection.GetServerInfo() at .........(Request .)
  13. Martin Stevnhoved

    Support for Azure SQL

    Hi. I would really like to see the SQL Server Module to support Azure SQL. It would be great if we could se performance data (which all can be read from system tables), and create notifications based on thresholds. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/system-dynamic-management-views/sys-dm-db-resource-stats-azure-sql-database
  14. Martin Stevnhoved

    Graph in Plugin?

    ping? Have you looked into this? It would be a huge improvement plugin, if it was possible to view show performance i Plugins, like it is possible in Performance Counters.
  15. Martin Stevnhoved

    Office 356/Azure SSO

    +1 Azure AD authentication would be a great addition. Today we have password to many different system, and is resetting lost password constantly.