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  1. Hi Mark, That's perfect, thank you. Assuming though, that the end user is in a workgroup and not in a domain or policy controlled environment. How would I go about sending them a link on a email to download and install the client without the Pulseway manager screen from popping up at all at the end on the installation? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi mark G38, Great idea, I would assume that you would have a workflow rule with a trigger of system is registered? I already have another workflow enabled with a system is registered trigger and it won't let me have more than one with that same trigger. Shame. There seems to be a feature request for a "Billing" report that should provide the information that I am trying to generate. But for now I am manually tagging each device with "*Total [Organisation name]", then copying and pasting the text on the Systems > Tags page into 'Paste RAW data here' tab on the spreadsheet attached. Cheers Paul Device Count.xlsx
  3. I would so l love to be able to automatically tag every machine that gets added into any organization with the organization's name . The reason why I would want this, is so that I can easily count ALL the devices for an organization without having to add up the online/offline devices for site and/or groups. Unless there is a report that show this information. I have yet to find one that does that is . Kind regards Paul
  4. Hi there, I have a similar question, the answer from WYE helped for hiding the shortcuts. but I have an additional question. During the installation the Pulseway manager window pops up over the installation dialogue, the end-user then has to click 'OK' on the Pulseway manager screen to then click 'Finish' on the installation. Is there any way to prevent Pulseway manager screen from popping up at all at the end on the installation? Kind regards Paul
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