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  1. Any progress on these aging issues? We need to deploy to a customer site that has been configured in GravityZone and allocated licenses. In Pulseway, their AV Policy has been assigned to devices but when we attempt to deploy through Pulseway, it shows we are "over quota" when we clearly are not over quota (yes, we double-checked under Billing). What do we do to reconcile Bitdefender licensing between GravityZone and Pulseway? On top of that, our Pulseway tenant is apparently broken. We cannot click the query icon where we used to be able to search KBs or contact Pulseway Support but that is another issue for another day.
  2. This specific suggestion might be helpful https://stackoverflow.com/a/71095111 source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71094455/powershell-find-computers-with-a-specific-username-logged-in
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