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    TorW reacted to dnelson in Pulseway agent and Intune "Fresh start"   
    I would suggest modifying HKLM\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ComputerName before/after installation to allow you to distinguish them. Besides that in Account > Manage Systems you should be able to tell them apart by the time they were last online.
    Depending on the logistics of your installation, you may be able to store the original ClientIdentifier in a temporary registry key. This would allow you to reinstall, and then replace the new Identifier with the original one. If you can keep the device from checking in before the key is replaced you may be able to save yourself the hassle of manually removing duplicate systems.
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    TorW got a reaction from StefanMcl_Pulseway in Wake up command failed   
    Wake on LAN generally does not traverse gateways since it's a UDP broadcast. The only way to get around this by-design limitation is to the enable routing of broadcasts between subnets in your router. 
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    TorW reacted to 20100 in Agent Deployment from URL   
    Got the answer: Use msiexec /i "https://URL" /qb /Lv* "C:\Windows\temp\pulseway.log" ALLUSERS=1
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    TorW got a reaction from Jamie Taylor in Pulseway Client Configuration Script   
    I am also interested in automatic configuration of the macOS agent after installing it. The manual config is pretty cumbersome in large Mac shops. Are there e.g. any of the Pulseway or PulsewayAgent executables that take command line arguments, or is everything done in the GUI?
    If they don't take cmdline arguments, where is the actual configuration with authentication user, custom server, organization, site and device group stored in the macOS file system? 
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    TorW got a reaction from Jamie Taylor in Pulseway Client Configuration Script   
    For those who end up in this thread looking for automated configuraton of deployed macOS agents:
    According to Pulseway support it's simply not possible, and there are no config files or terminal commands to tinker with either. Manual agent configuration is the only way. At least that's the case right now. If you come here from the future, please feel free to update this thread with new information.
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    TorW reacted to MKPW in Pulseway Client Configuration Script   
    We are deploying the Pulseway Manager Mac .DMG using Microsoft Intune.  This process of deployment works correctly (as in the application installs), however we wish to have the Pulseway Manager register and lock automatically.
    Our understanding is that this may be possible - either through the use of configuration files in the Pulseway .DMG, as an install script or as a set of scripts after the install has completed.
    Microsoft have some excellent examples of deploying apps with scripts to the mac https://github.com/microsoft/shell-intune-samples/tree/master/Apps - Does anyone have any examples of how this can be accomplished or know if such a script already exists?
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    TorW reacted to Martti Nuudi in Automatic update for Pulseway on mac   
    Is there a way to make Pulseway agent update automatically on mac instead of asking the user to Install and Relaunch?

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    TorW got a reaction from Jamie Taylor in Custom Titles   
    Regarding the storage of MSI files for 3rd pary installs/updates; can we store the MSI on a non public web server on the local network, or does it have to be publically available on the internet?
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    TorW got a reaction from Jamie Taylor in Can't change patch management policy on group   
    Thanks a lot! That made all the difference. So obvious ...
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    TorW reacted to Paul in Notification Bridge   
    Hi everyone,
    Use this plugin to open up a local WCF using net pipes so that a console application can use it to sent notifications to Pulseway. Using this solution you can easily send Pulseway notifications from your scripts.
    Version 1.3
    Add the NotificationBridgePlugin.dll plugin into Pulseway Manager -> Plugins. Configure your scripts to call NotificationBridge console application. =Usage=
    -p (Priority: 0=Low, 1=Normal, 2=Elevated, 3=Critical) -t (Text message, use double quotes if the message includes a space) -f (Include the text from a file) -r (Allow repeating notifications) Exit Codes:
    0 - Notification was successfully forwarded to Pulseway 1 - Notification was rejected by Pulseway (Maintenance mode, Old notification was not deleted, Pulseway is stopped. As always my plugin is open-source bound by no license. You may claim it your own.
    Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/paulcsiki/notification-bridge-plugin/src
    Download Link: Click
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