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  1. Client Portal is a good idea for very small sites, but if you have hundred of users it is not usable at all. Ideally, everyone should have access to the Portal via the icon without having to be setup at the back-end and required to log in. A default menu (populated with scripts, etc) should be available to all users. If it is not possible, an accessible workaround would be to integrate AzureAD with SSO and SCIM, so users are created/removed automatically and can login with no effort As it is currently, the client portal is not useful to us at all...
  2. Is there a way to easily check which tasks and scripts have ran for the past xx days with its status for a particular machine? I would have expected to find it when selecting the machine amongst all the other information Instead we have to go to Tasks , and then Execution History, but it is per task, and there could be hundred of executions for that task, and we need to open then one by one to find the desired machine. Not easy Basically, very quickly, we want to check what has ran or not, and if the tasks were successful Thanks
  3. Got the answer: Use msiexec /i "https://URL" /qb /Lv* "C:\Windows\temp\pulseway.log" ALLUSERS=1
  4. Got the answer. was using wrong spot to do it. needs to be done in Server Admin, Configuration and edit group to change the policy
  5. Hi I have created a Patch Policy, and when to Agent Status, selected a Scope or Group (I tried both) and then assigned the policy However, if new agents are installed and part of the correct Scope or Group, they do not get the policy assigned. The Status shows as 'Not Assigned' What is the correct way to ensure that any new agent installation gets the correct patch management policy automatically without any manual intervention? Thanks
  6. More and more, we purchase laptops and get them delivered directly to end-users. As par of their initial setup instructions. we send them the URL for the correct group so they can download and install the agent. However the process is quite chatty. Would someone know the syntax for URLdeployment for silent installation? Is there also some sort of flag in the syntax to disable the user to open the agent and change settings themselves? Thanks
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