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Can't change patch management policy on group


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Hi all. A colleague of mine have created a patch management policy and assigned it to several groups of computers. This works as indented and have made everyone happy ;) However, if I create a new patch management policy it's impossible for me to go to Patch management -> Agents status, search for a group and change the patch policy. When I hover on the "Change Policy" or "Remove Policy" buttons, the mouse pointer transforms into a "forbidden" sign and the tooltip says "Disabled by policy".

What policy is that, and how can I assign a new patch management policy to a group?

I have the admin role in the Pulsway portal, and I'm able to edit patch policies.

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Hi Tor,

That's probably a policy from the Server Admin -> Configuration (or Systems -> Sites if you are on the Pro plan). Look at the Organization, Site and Agent Group to see if there's a Patch Management Policy assigned.


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