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  1. I saw that example. But it doesn't explains why in few section is for example Path="" without any fields what does it mean that DaemonType is UPSTART SYSVINIT or Systemd. Not all services are configure the same. For example I started ntpd like in the example above And pulseway won't start, the same issue like before. So not always is like that
  2. I know that but what are for the other services? Cuz I manage to write them correctly (I think) and the pulseway haven't started. :/ Why Is Deamon Type systemd? That's why there should be a manual for that
  3. I did. Here is log provide by fpaste service. I forgot I can use it too : http://ur1.ca/hw09y Ok fixed / There was problem with Monitoring Service section. I deleted few of them and Now it works But I can understand why in ssh section of monitored service I made I gave ISDaemon cus SSHD is a Deamon and gave parameter that CanBeStopped and in pulseway it shows only "start" option. Can't be stopped ? Please give some Tags in config explaination because I'm doing like in the examples and in MonitoreService section I can write properly tag for ssh service monitoring. I have something like this: sie 01 22:33:39 sonic pulseway[27138]: Configuration: Value for 'Name' attribute 'Service' node is invalid
  4. You have on forum database issue I want to paste the log and It won't Post here.. This is all I can't paste and it's saves here. [root@sonic Maildir]# ps auxww|grep '[p]ulsewayd' [root@sonic Maildir]#
  5. Ok I'm doing it right away
  6. Hey, I use PCmonitor, I mean now is Pulseway (terrible name btw ) for 2 years ? More less. I had only one time configure config and it was on fedora 17 , config of PCmonitor. I had to make clean install of Fedora 20 so it's about time to reinstall old PCmonitor to pulseway. So I did. It should be easy but.. I quess it's not. I configure whole config, add username and password usually stuff, started the service systemctl start pulseway.service chkconfig pulseway on .. and? Nothing. I don't see my computer in my account any of my smartphone.. what could be the problem?
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