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  1. I recently just upgraded my Linux agent to version 4.4. I am now no longer able to able to monitor Linux Services, SSL Certificates or Websites. As I was able to previously, through the use of the following config: <!--Service Monitoring Config--> <!--Add one or more MonitoredService --> <Services> <!--Monitors Upstartd, Systemd or System V services--> <!--For System V init there is a requirement for the script. It has to support start, stop and status arguments and when requesting status it has to report "running"--> <!--Name: the name of the service--> <!--Instance: for Upstartd, if the service has multiple instances here you can specify it--> <!--ExcludeFromNotification: if you enable service stopped notifications you can choose to exclude this service (if it doesn't start at boot for example) (true or false)--> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="asterisk"/> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="httpd"/> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="webmin"/> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="vsftpd"/> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="fail2ban"/> <MonitoredService ExcludeFromNotification="false" Name="sshd"/> </Services> OR: <!--SSL Certificates monitoring--> <!--You can add one or more SSL Certificates by adding Certificate nodes--> <Certificates> <!--Monitor SSL Certificate--> <!--ServerName: the server address or IP--> <!--Port: the server port (default is 443)--> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="pbx1.refreshpbx.com"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="pbx2.refreshpbx.com"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="uniroof.refreshpbx.com"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="ahclee.refreshpbx.com"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="ahcorl.refreshpbx.com"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="refreshpbx.net"/> <Certificate Port="443" ServerName="vil.refreshpbx.com"/> </Certificates> Was this feature removed? If so why? Any help would be much appreciated.
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