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  1. We were investigating this for 2 days now and we cannot reproduce it on any test servers. There is a new beta 4 update for the PC agent available on the downloads section on the forum - please try to see if you can replicate the issue with that version. We've changed the priority of all threads especially the performance counters reading thread. As well the reading interval has been changed.
  2. We've added another field on the form used to pay for a subscription on our web page called "Referral Username". For each new subscription of 10 or 25 we will add an extra computer to the referral account with 2 computers added for a 50 or 100 subscription. This change will be reflected once the subscription is active and it will be permanent.
  3. You could use PC Monitor Rules for that - add a performance counter for the PCMonitorSrv process - % Processor time. As well, you can specify a list of actions when the condition is true.
  4. Hi David, We will most likely leave the start limit to 3. However we plan to add a referral system where if someone buys a subscription based on your recommendation your account limit will increase with 1 or 2 PC's. Marius
  5. Temporarily means 15 seconds on average, maximum 30 seconds and the data it's only held in memory. PC Monitor does not transmit anything while the mobile app is not active except for the fact that the PC is up and running and it does that every 15 seconds. All other informations are transmitted on request (from the mobile apps or web app).
  6. No personal user data is collected or stored on our servers. All the data required by the application (such as the state of the computer, services state, running processes) is stored temporarily in our servers with the sole intent of displaying this information on the mobile device and is removed automatically after the request is complete. None of your account details are shared with any third parties and no member of our staff has direct access to the account informations or any data stored. The servers accept only secure connections from both client agents (Windows and Linux) as well as from the mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7) and Web Application therefore the communication is always encrypted. We do not store on our servers any information that can allow someone to connect to your computers. Even more, our servers never contact your computers; simply stopping PC Monitor service will cause all the communication between our server and your computer to stop. As well, we store just a salted hash of your password on our servers and we recommend you to use a strong password. After several invalid login attempts our servers will lock the username/IP address for some time too.
  7. You're welcome. PC Monitor "monitors" all it's registry settings and automatically reloads anything that has changed.
  8. It's coming in the next release (2.5)
  9. Thank you Jeff, We will look into this ASAP - PC Monitor (when idle with no commands being sent) should not perform any tasks except monitoring the parameters specified in the notifications. Therefore it should not be anywhere near 60% CPU - I will look at the config you've sent - thank you for that. We monitor around 20 test machines (including VM's) and not being able to reproduce this just yet but we will investigate with all sorts of configurations.
  10. PC Monitor installs as a service and it's starts automatically when your PC starts. As for the Wake on LAN / WAN please read http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/14-wake-on-lan-wake-on-wan-over-internet/
  11. Can you please export the configuration and email it to us (without the account info)? We will investigate this.
  12. it will automatically start with the new configuration.
  13. Marius

    Computer Active

    You don't have to be logged in, PC Monitor installs as a service and starts automatically. There is no direct link between user login and PC Monitor service (unless there's no Internet connection if the user is not logged in - ???)
  14. Yes, we're enhancing the rules to add dates, days of week and time intervals as value conditions.
  15. You will need to uninstall the service from the extra computers first so the computers appear offline on that list. The only reason you cannot remove an online computer is that it will appear again in the next 10 seconds or so as the service is still running.
  16. We've added a command that checks for Windows updates, downloads and installs them, sends a message to all logged in users and restarts the computer in 5 minutes (if Windows updates needs to restart to complete the installation of updates). This will work for one computer of for a group. With this we've added support for timed restarts that should be available in a future release.
  17. We are investigating what caused the agent to send a notification after update, it should not have happened (and in all our tests it's not happening on update whatsoever.
  18. we are actually implementing a timed restart for the next update as part of Windows Updates - Check / Download / Install / Restart (if required). We plan to inform any logged in users that the computer will restart to apply updates and that will imply a timed restart. The same method will be used elsewhere.
  19. Hi, yes - we plan to add timed shut down/restart - Wake on LAN is interesting too - we will consider this, it's a nice addition.
  20. When an agent updates it compares the old release version (stored in registry) with the new release version. If they differ it will not send a notification. We will keep the "up and running" message as it applies to most cases. As for shut down notification PC Monitor relies on Windows to send a notification to the service that the computer is shutting down. This might not be called (we've seen cases like this) or it might be called too late and the network interface(s) are down and of course there's no way for the notification to reach the servers. Hope this answers your questions.
  21. Thank you, this helped us to change the AD module so it better detects Active Directory role - this improvement will be available in the next update.
  22. Dashboard is due for a makeover we want to be able to group computers by groups and many more... as well, we think an iPad Dashboard will look interesting (not very useful but interesting, we might add it into a future PC Monitor app release)
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