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  1. Fair enough, that sounds reasonable. I'm actually presenting about the tools that Managed Service Providers use at the upcoming SMBiT Professionals Sydney Twilight Training Meeting on October 21st and I plan on mentioning PC Monitor. Whilst the company I work for uses Kaseya I think the simplicity and cost model of PC Monitor will suit many of our members moreso than Kaseya so you may well get some more subscriptions after my presentation.
  2. G'Day, I've just configured Wake on LAN for one of my machines and it is working well. I'm thinking of setting it up for another machine but I am wondering what port should be used. For the first machine I am using the default port 9 but what do I use for the second machine? I'm tempted to just try port 10 but I don't want to go using a port that I shouldn't be using. David.
  3. G'Day, I'm really loving your product and so far only have it installed on 2 of my machines. Ideally I would like to put it on all of my main machines here at home which is 4 machines or 5 if I include another laptop. I'm wondering if there is any chance you might consider raising the free usage threshold from 3 to 4 or maybe 5 machines? These days almost all homes with computers have one for each person so that is most likely going to be 4. Raising free usage to 4 or 5 would still not really allow it to be used for free in a commercial environment (which I firmly believe should be paid for) but would allow greater home usage. From this may come more word of mouth type "advertising" that could lead to more paid licences being sold. Just a thought ....... David.
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product. We use Kaseya where I work and I can use that on my home machines if I want but right now I am using PC Monitor because it is just so easy and the mobile notifications, as opposed to emails, is more immediate and noticeable. I recommend PC Monitor to friends where Kaseya is either too expensive or just too complex. If I could make one suggestion .... please add some form of remote control other than RDP. At the moment I am using Teamviewer as well as PC Monitor but it would be great to have it all in the one package. Keep up the good work! David.
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