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  1. Dear PC-Monitor-Team! I have used PC Monitor for a couple of days now and ran into two problems: The first is that if I restart the computer using PC Monitor the PC Monitor shell is being loaded but not the 'Service'. Instead it tells me that the Service is not running and asks me, if I want to start it. Now I have written some emails to Marius Mihalec from the Support-Team. He replied: "Please go to Administrative tools -> Services, find PC Monitor and change the Startup type to Automatic (delayed started)" Although my english generally is very good, I sometimes have problems with technical or specialized terms. Since I am in Germany and use a german version of Windows XP, I interpreted the above instruction in the way that I opened the 'Systemsteuerung' (System control) then I went to 'geplante Tasks' (scheduled tasks) and there I created a new task that starts PC Monitor (PCMonitor Manager exe). To do this I had to assign a password to my login (administrator password) which I removed after setting the task to load PC Monitor Manager exe automatically at startup, since otherwise the system would not reboot completely without input of the password (which I cannot key in when I am not physically there). This brings up the shell but it does not automatically start the service. I then tried to put both pcmonitor Manager exe and PC Monitor Srv exe in the autostart folder. Now after reboot there is an error warning coming up (2 Windows with the same warning) saying that pc monitor has encountered an error and has to shut down. If I click okay on them I can see that the pc has rebooted on my iPhone and have full control over the pc. Maybe it is naive of me to think that shutting down and then restarting the computer is an absolute standard task for the software. Shouldn't it be set to run automatically on reboot / startup (including the Service)??? The reason I am using this app is that I will travel abroad next week and I have some forex autotrading software running on the pc - and since the forex is not trading over the weekend I would like to shut down the pc from friday evening until sunday evening to save power. The second problem is that I don't know how to start the pc after the weekend again remotely. The wake-up command comment says that I have to be in the same domain as the pc or at least on pc in a network has to run...I will be 900 kms away and only have one pc..so how do I start it again after it has been shut down for 2 days?? Thank you so much in advance for your swift and detailed info & please bear in mind that I am not a computer nerd and therefor need step-by-step instructions how to configure the software or my pc in order to carry out the aforementioned tasks!!! Yours truely Peter Grohlich
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