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  1. Amazing support and customer server turns out I type the username and password wrong Thanks once again Marius
  2. Hi Marius, thanks for the speedy response, I have just email the log file :~)
  3. since I renewed my subscription yesterday 2 of my servers are having the same problem. In the event viewer I get 3 information notifications, the first one is event ID 0 service started successfully, the second event ID 24001 new update found and the third service stopped successfully. I am using Version 3.2 build 4668 on Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit. Any idea what could be causing this? cheers
  4. cheers Marius, I should have tried that in the first place
  5. Hi Guys, I have been looking at the web app to monitor a few things on our servers and I noticed I could look at the bandwidth, but I have no idea what the graph is saying. I guess one colour is sent and the other colour is received? could someone help shed some light on this please? cheers
  6. Will there be server support in the future?
  7. Hi, is there any way of monitoring hardware nodes? We recently had one of our PSU fail in our dell poweredge r510, I only noticed it as I was in the serve room. cheers
  8. mayberts

    VSS Service

    No it's not listed
  9. mayberts

    VSS Service

    Hi, For a while i was monitoring the VSS service on our exchange server, I no longer need to monitor this service so i have deselected it from the manager software, however PC monitor still informs me when the the service stops/starts. anyone know how to resolve this? cheers
  10. My manager, Steve Philpott has just made payment via paypal
  11. Hi Marius, My manager should be purchasing a subscription soon, how do we go about getting the 10% discount?
  12. Thanks for all your help and support, it has been identified as a problem at our end, the server is not recognizing active directory as a role. We will investigate and let you know if we find a solution. Thanks once again for your help.
  13. Hi, Our server has active directory, but pc monitor is not picking it up, it does pick it up on the backup AD sever. any ideas or suggestions. cheers
  14. Hi There, I have been testing your software and it works very well, so thanks for such a great product. we are a small charity and we want to use your software on our servers, we may even roll it out to all clients,but we were wondering do you offer and concessions for charities? cheers
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