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    Lock Desktop

    Seems to be an issue is some cases - are you starting the PC Monitor app as Administrator? The issue will be fixed in the next release - 2.6
  2. Marius

    Lock Desktop

    What version of PC Monitor agent do you have? It should be 2.5.1, please check.
  3. Few notes on this before we can start investigating the issue: - When a server is offline for more than 15 minutes you will get a notification; - Dashboard reads a state of the computers every 1 minute and if it says offline means the computer was actually considered offline at that time; - A computer gets the offline state if it has not contacted the server for 20+ seconds; - Not sure how all your computers just disappeared from the Dashboard (unless the dashboard could not connect) Please email us at support@pulseway.com and we will enable the debug log on one or two computers to see what is actually going on.
  4. We changed the mechanism used for this, now on user login a small app will run in the context of the user and communicate with the service. Please check that pcmontask.exe is in the list of running processes.
  5. VMware module will be added in the 2.6 update and will support VMware vCenter and VMware ESX(i) if lockdown mode is not activated. VMware vCenter minimum version required is 2.5 while for VMware ESX the minimum version required is 3.5.
  6. 2.5.1 on the PC agent. The mobile apps will be released later on, for now they will work OK showing only the default screen. The next update will show a list of available screens - this is planned to be included in 2.6 mobile apps update.
  7. You can, simply deselect the "Send a notification when a computer is offline" in PC Monitor -> Notifications -> Status.
  8. We will release 2.5.1 soon that will fix this issue.
  9. This happens when an invalid account has beed set up. Please check this by pressing the "Validate Account" button.
  10. Have you restarted the service after authorization?
  11. Can you please give us some more details about the OS? As well, have you enabled this by running PC Monitor on that computer or remotely? Version 2.6 will bring some improvements to console screen, we hope to be able to show all screens (including remote).
  12. We are considering this and hope to have an agent soon.
  13. Hello, This is not supported / allowed. Configuring notifications for all errors/warning could lead to a large volume of notifications being sent.
  14. Hi Rob, Thank you, we're glad you find the solution useful. 1. For the dashboard, please uninstall ver. 2.4 and install the latest 2.5 from our web site - it will work. 2. To exit full screen simply press Esc or F11 3. PC Monitor has a setting that allows you to specify the group name for each computer. You can assign a group name when you set up the agent or you can use the dashboard tool (2.5) to edit the group name for each computer. Best Regards, Marius
  15. Marius


    It's just the name of the package and you can use it for up to 50 computers.
  16. We will add this in a future release.
  17. Thank you. Version 2.6 will allow you to view the screen for all sessions (local and remote).
  18. Thank you for your post - we will support this in a future release - it could be useful on several scenarios. Meanwhile you could define a scheduled task (with no trigger) that runs in a context of a specific user and run the task from your mobile.
  19. Something is blocking the connection. You might have to set up the proxy settings.
  20. It will be available in the next Windows Phone update, ver. 2.5 expected to be available today or tomorrow. For now it's not available in the WebApp.
  21. Hi Kelly, Please email me your PC Monitor username and we will investigate this. Thank you.
  22. Most likely that you have entered an invalid username on your iPhone - make sure you use the same one as on your computer.
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