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  1. The product is aimed at all people across the business to give them an understanding of how to keep themselves, other people, the data and systems they have access to safe at all times. It’s easy to manage and allows you to simply set up campaigns and auto schedule the delivery dates reducing the amount of time you need to spend managing it.

    To ensure success, training must be ongoing throughout an employee’s tenure with the company.

    ‚Äú93% of breaches are initiated by phishing, and 22% of employees have clicked at least one phishing link in the last year‚ÄĚ


    Webroot have found the below changes in user behavior after repeat campaigns.

    1. Companies that ran between 1-5 campaigns saw a phishing click through rate of 33%.

    2. Companies that ran 6-10 campaigns dropped the rate to 28%.

    3. Companies that ran 11 or more campaigns reduced the rate to 13%.

  2. Hi Daragh,

    You can check the Windows Application Log - all commands issued from a Pulseway mobile app or WebApp are logged there. 

    On the Enterprise server there's also Pulseway Audit Log that stores the command history.

    You will be able to see if an "Install Windows Update" command was sent to the computer.

    Hope this helps.


  3. This is an issue that affects only the Manager and we are planning to release a server update today that will resolve it.

    The agent is unaffected - you can start the Pulseway service once you entered the right credentials and it will still work.

  4. Hi Ben,

    For now you can only use the system default sound or the custom ones provided. 

    We'll try to add more custom sounds in the future, especially ones that will wake up anyone in the middle of the night :) If you have any suggestions, let us know.



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