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  2. Hi Zach, Did you run the pulseway-registration tool to register the system? We no longer support entering the username / password directly into the configuration file. -Paul
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  4. Hi, I understand if I don't get reply, this is because the thread is really old. I am having issues with a Raspberry Pi running the latest version of Pulseway. I have gotten everything installed correctly via Terminal, but the PC is NOT showing up on my app or the Web App. Is there something wrong with the .xml file for the config stuff. I have looked at the above stuff, if there is a reply, I will send the config info in a image file. Everything that I have done has not resolved the issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Zach
  5. Hi @winsale, How are you registering the systems (Pulseway Manager -> Register System or system deployment)? -Paul
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  7. I have the same problem, and I have 8 additional licenses.
  8. Hi @Red Foxx15, Would it be possible for you to use the Online calendar sync (iClod, Office 365, Exchange, Outlook, Google)? If not, then please send us the screenshot showing the error message and details for it.
  9. We've released yesterday the Slack and Skype packages in addition to some updates to the existing packages. -Paul
  10. Hi new user here, I was wondering how can install Pulseway on my Unraid Server. i think i have to SSH into it. i was also wondering what download for Linix i would use. thank you Jesse
  11. Hi all, because i couldn't find a fix or an answer to that question I'll try it right here: When we use the Dashboard in our company we have the problem that certain groups begin with the same word or the same 3-4 letters. When the Dashboard is showing Organization name - Site - Agentgroup there are not enough characters to display all that information. Is there any possibility through settings or a certain config so that e.g. we cut the Organization name and just display Site - Agentgroup? Thanks in Advance!
  12. Hello Paul, It seems the plugin doesn't respect existing notifications anymore: NotificationBridge.exe -p 1 -t "message" Sending it like that multiple times always return Notifcation was succesfully sent What I have seen in Pulseway that while 2 notifications won't be shown next to each other if you delete other notifications so that those notification will show up on top, it will accept new notifications so you can have 5 or more identical notifications. Is there hope for a fix? I tried playing with C# code of yours but I don't think problem is in there. Przemek
  13. Does anyone have an update script for making and removing snapshots in VMware? I would like to use it together with Windows update scripts to search and install updates.
  14. I've installed the connector but when I check my add-ins, the Pulseway PSA Outlook Extension is inactive with the load behavior of: Not Loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in. I've tried checking the box to enable it. I've tried restarting Outlook. I've tried restarting the PC. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the plugin. Where should I go from here?
  15. Hey Martin, Sorry for the delay. I have somehow missed this bug report. I can confirm that this will be fixed in the next Dashboard release which is due to be out this week. -Paul
  16. Yes, just enable the offline notification from the Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Status and you will receive a notification if the agent stops *pinging* the server for a period of time (configurable from the Server Admin -> Settings page on the WebApp). All notifications are archived for historical record keeping and can be accessed from the Server Admin -> Notification History page on the WebApp. This could be done ... -Paul
  17. @Paul - I can see that the Dashbord is updated at Juni 6th, but this bug is still not fixed. Is it planned?
  18. This is awesome. This is likely to be an interim plan for me while I write something more custom tailored for me. I would suggest you return a unique value for maintenance mode, rather than the same as a failure to run. The reason for this is many people will need to error on a failed polling the same as if the script returned bad stuff, but we would not want to do the same if its in maintenance mode. Looking at the code it doesn't look to hard to change since you already checking separately, but if i'm understanding the code correctly you would only need to return something other than false, and then change your if/else logic and maybe internal documentation. (And then we could use pulseway alerting for say a scheduled task more easily to alert on a poll failure) One question, is there a way (this could be more pulseway app 101) to make it so that if we failed to receive data within a period of time, that an alert will be sent? (say the machine is removed from the network and the pulseway client is not operable) Another question, when sent alerts this way, what do we really have for historical record keeping?
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  20. Hi @knis, Unfortunately there are no notifications enabled by default, therefore if you will enable only these 2 notifications by editing the config.xml file, then only these notifications will be sent when the pre-configured conditions are met.
  21. When this is going to be fixed. I had to upgrade to SPX because new functionality, HyperV and better backup management and now is no longer a promised feature by Pulseway.
  22. In that case we'll reach out to the team that maintains the project to add support for it. Thank you! -Paul
  23. Hey Tim, I've got exciting news. We're starting to roll out 6.3.3 today which includes... *drum roll* support for generating CSV reports . Adding the ability of getting similar information through the REST API is also a great idea, we'll consider it for a future release. -Paul
  24. I think iTunes is already supported. (EDIT: I'm sure it is!)
  25. I have been hesitant to request any sort of features. I always feel like what i would like to see might be far too much work to produce. I think this feature might be rather simple to implement so here we go. "a quick comment about existing reports - the last time I checked the report which reveals how many licenses there are and how many are assigned confuse office managers because we are not assigning a number of licenses to a client so the numbers ar wrong." Feature inquiry. The ability for a report to produce the pdf exists and has some additional features to emit the report. 1. Would it be feasable for the same report to produce the data of the report in the desired format CSV,JSON and have the same capabilities to emit the report and or be retrived from the web portal. 2. Would it be feasable to allow api access to the report module and data to allow querying the report data or just getting it as well as causing a report to run. While this is a only small step towards actionable queries via script, it certainly goes a long way towards collecting information for decision making purposes. In the following recent task I created scripts to collect the info. dropped them on shares accessible at each lan. used screenconnect to select all computers. pasted the script to execute the scripts. collected the information and then moved on to producing the Estimate reports. I used screenconnect to do this which required a bit of manual work and copy paste. From there it was easy to automate the aggregation and produce the sales estimates. It is frustrating however to do things like this when the information is already in pulseway just not availble for me to use in any meaningful way. So if I could get it out somehow even if it isn't actionable , I can still do usefull things with it . An example of something simple : Compile a list of all workstations we monitor running microsoft os where the version is not 10 include the Hard drive list with manufacturer model etc. Produce a distinct list of these and compile the interface, form factor and whether the drive is SSD. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including pre-upgrade system imaging. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including SSD upgrades, preupgrade system cloning.
  26. You are right, that was my mistake. We're still testing the Dropbox package. -Paul
  27. I don't see Dropbox in the drop down
  28. Hey Jeremy, I'd recommend that you build another service that does the monitoring bits, I'll refer to that system as "Heartbeat" in the rest of the post. The Heartbeat service will be configured to make the RPC calls to the services in it's configuration and will register as a dedicated Pulseway monitored system using the Cloud API. This allows you to send real-time information about your services to the mobile apps and webapp whenever you are looking at that system, send commands from those clients back to the Heartbeat service and have the possibility of sending notifications through the Pulseway ecosystem. Keep in mind that while the Heartbeat service will become a single point of failure unless you build a master-slave system which identifies which instance is currently master using a witness. If you don't really care about it being a single point of failure you can still know when something is not working as expected by informing the Pulseway server that you want to be informed when the Heartbeat instance is offline, similarly how you receive offline notifications for the rest of your monitored systems. You do so when you call the Configure method (last bool parameter). -Paul
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