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  2. hi we have a folder that need to be configured to sennd out a notification then a new file is created in a specific folder to our boss, how can that be done without creating a new a ccount account in Pulseway i seen a that this can be done but , not possible to choose to and a specific mail adress Best regards Tommy Rihu
  3. It has not been working for 8 years, lol.
  4. Hi @bamischijfbal9, Please explain what exactly is not working?
  5. Hi @David, We report about all detected events as soon as Kaspersky agents logs them, therefore it is possible that that threat was removed by Kasperske later and that is the reason why it is no longer shown.
  6. @Philip Landreth Would you mind posting the script you're using for this? Thanks!
  7. That did the trick Chris! Thank you so much for you help!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi @sakis_s, Please open the Pulseway WebApp (https://my.pulseway.com) -> Accounts -> Overview and make sure that notifications are not disabled for your account. Also check your devices section to see if your device has the access to the required systems.
  10. It means that it is planned to implement this functionality into the future release.
  11. Hi and thanks for your response. I've already tried this but it doesn't work. I've checked the box "send a notification when the computer is started with priority: Normal" but i get no notification when computer starts. Should i check any other box or change the priority? Thanks again for your help.
  12. Hi, Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider the possibility to introduce this into the future release.
  13. Hi @Martin Stevnhoved, We already have Built in Zendesk integration. All notifications which are generated from the monitored system will be forwarded to the Zendesk. For more details about this please check out the following link. Note: offline notifications are created by the Pulseway server, therefore this notification will not be sent to Zendesk via integration, but it can be done by forwarding email to your Zendesk. Have you tried to enable the Support Request from your monitored systems? This will allow the end user create the notification on-demand and it will create the Zendesk ticket once the notification is sent. For more details about this, please check out this link. Yes, that is correct that you will need to provide your own SQL table to to sync Zendesk ticket ID's and Notifications and display it in another web page. The Pulseway integration sends the ticket in your Zendesk, but we do not check what ticket number was assigned to it. Also, we currently do not support the option to update the Message in the Pulseway Notification via REST API, therefore we can not add Zendsk Tickets ID in the body for the notification at this time.
  14. Hi @jbohnenstiehl, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release. In a mean time you might use the Pulseway WebApp -> Server Admin -> Notifications section to accomplish this task (if are you using Team subscription).
  15. Hi @dpbklyn, I believe that this functionality is already possible. If you will configure the search filter to show the required tickets, then you will be able to run 'Batch Actions' an all tickets which are shown or select just a few of them.
  16. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.
  17. Hi All, Currently we are planning to release this feature by the end of Q2 2019.
  18. Chris

    Website in dashboard

    Hi @mitch, Have you tried to use the Pulseway REST API to do it?
  19. Hi @mitch, The access points like all other devices can be monitored via SNMP if the device supports it. In order to register this device as the separate system you will need to use the Pulseway REST API. Note: in order to monitor this device you will need to build the application which will check the SNMP variable and then use the Pulseway REST API to send the notifications to the Pulseway Dashboard. Currently SNMP module is built into the Pulseway agent on Windows systems therefore the Access point which will be monitored via it will not be shown as separate device. For more details about this please check out the following link.
  20. There were some delays but we're looking good for the next week's release, we're currently in the QA phase. -Paul
  21. Last week
  22. So the 9 new titles won't be till later this month now?
  23. Hi there, We're releasing new software titles on the 26th of April and then mid May another batch. We aim to have a new batch of software titles every 2-3 weeks. -Paul
  24. Paul

    Older Version

    Hey everyone, Thank you for your patience. We've reached out to Microsoft in an attempt to see if they have made any unannounced changes internally on how they handle login providers however we've received no response as of now. Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce the issues on any of our tests machines but we've seen an alarmingly high amount of support emails reporting that users cannot login into their computers after a recent Windows feature update which has prompted us to take immediate action to prevent us from interfering with the operating system. Until we figure out what exactly is happening with the operating system while it's loading our login providers it's risky to reintroduce this feature. If there is anyone who was affected by the login provider issue and would like to help us on reintroducing the feature please drop me a PM and I'll send you some instructions on how to collect diagnostic information crucial to understanding and reproducing the issue. -Paul
  25. Hi @michaeldpotter, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.
  26. Still waiting on this, the notification just needs to change colour to blue and say (Resolved - The system has only got 23GB remaining etc.....) At no point should this automatically cleared as stated above, this defeats the point of having these notifications (but they should be smart enough to tell you when they are resolved)
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