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  3. Bart, Thank you, I'd never know about chocolatey, I setup and am rocking now, lovely solution.
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  5. Hi there, Try extracting https://updates.pulseway.com/update.zip on M:\, then attempt to uninstall the product once again. -Paul
  6. Hi Chris, Thank you for reaching out to me, i tried all the steps. But when i tried to install a new fresh Pulseway installer it showed me this. (First Image "First1") I double checked my RegEdit, I attached another file. (Second image "Second2") Before i did the RegEdit step, i did the Terminal *CMD* Command wich shows this. File (Third "Third3") I hope this helps
  7. Although the current SNMP functionality is good, some devices don't provide any useful information to SNMP read requests. Many devices send a lot of useful information as SNMP traps and often clearly define the alert level when a trap is sent. Additionally, relying on read requests means that MIBs have to be used to configure each device which is time consuming and if an OID is missed, an important alert can be missed. It would be great to see Pulseway agents able to receive SNMP traps with the ability to then filter as required for notifications.
  8. Hi Mxj280, Thanks for contacting Pulseway support. Please send us the screenshot showing the error messages which are related to the Pulseway from the Syslog and send Syslog from the affected machine. cat /var/log/syslog | grep pulseway
  9. Hi George, Thanks for contacting Pulseway support. Please send us the screenshot showing the error messages which are related to the Pulseway from the Syslog and send Syslog from the affected machine. cat /var/log/syslog | grep pulseway
  10. Hi Mats123, Thanks for contacting Pulseway support. I would suggest reinstalling Pulseway agent, but before that, you should stop the "PC Monitor Service", delete the same using the below commands ((Please use these commands as the administrator through the elevated terminal to stop and un-register the Pulseway service:)) net stop "PC Monitor" sc delete "PC Monitor" And then delete Pulseway folder exists in the C:\Program files\Pulseway and then opens the registry by using Regedit command in the search tab and check whether MMSOFT or Pulseway folder is present under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE, if the Pulseway or MMSOFT registry entry is found then please delete the entries, and then reboot the system and install Pulseway. Please note-After uninstallation, please use a fresh Pulseway installer, in order to download installer, check this "https://www.pulseway.com/downloads"
  11. Hello everybody (sorry for my bad english). My PulseWay Monitor was not working anymore so i tried to delete the program and reinstall it to make it work again. (First Picture is named "Capture" The first error i got was this Error 1001 Exception Occured while initializing the installation. System.IO FileNotFoundException Could not load file or assembly file ///:M\PCMonitoringServ.... When trying to open it i get this (Media: "2" ) Can somebody help me? When trying to see if pulseway manager is still in my program list it is not
  12. I have installed the latest Pulseway agent onto a newly installed Ubuntu server and after a couple of issues getting the server registered i was able to do so, this was due to it not having a config.xml file after intallation I renamed the config.xml.sample and added my details and this now shows in my dashboard. Now that the server is showing in the dashboard it keeps dropping on and offline. The server has a stable internet connection and a windows 10 machine on the same network is not having an issue with dropouts. Any ideas as to what could be causing the issue are welcome.
  13. Bringing this post up again. Would really like to monitor my PFSense Router which is FreeBSD
  14. When remote controlling into our office PC's the middle mouse button will not be recognized and there seems to be no input while clicking the middle mouse button. Does anyone know if there is a work around to allow this type of input. This will would be a pretty crucial operation while using certain software that we use while remote controlling each PC.
  15. When installing Pulseway on Debian 10 I get the error message when validating "An error occured while starting the Pulseway service.Please see log for more details" I am not sure where I should be looking for this log. When I monitor the systemctl I get: pulseway.service - Remotely Monitor and Control IT Systems Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/pulseway.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Tue 2020-06-02 18:45:55 BST; 15s ago Process: 2791 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/pulsewayd --no-daemonize (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Main PID: 2791 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Trying systemctl start/restart pulseway doesn't seem to start the process. The documentation that I have seen applies primarily to Debian 9 and lower. Thanks in advance
  16. Ok, after using this script for the last few weeks I realized it was missing just one more thing: Issue: Tom and Roger have a desktop computer at home and at the office, often Tom or Roger will call from home and I can quickly pull up which computer's below to roger and tom because my script shows last logged in user, but in this case tom and roger have 2 computers, how do I tell which is home and which is work, sure I could tag them but hell I don't want to open the both devices to find the one thats at tom's home, I want to skip that step and see it on the main search box, hence: Script 1, any time you have a home user you run this script on their pc Set-Itemproperty -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor' -Name 'Location' -value 'Users Remote Device' Script 2: Oooops I taged the pc in error, this will un-do the first tag. Set-Itemproperty -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor' -Name 'Location' -value '' Script 3: This will add the tag, in my case "Users Remote Device" in the list of computers in the search, note also I took off the last logon name for Servers, usually its just me and I only wanted to see the server name without the user name but I could easly add it back in. $Location = (Get-ItemProperty -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor').Location $lastlogon = (New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell).RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\LastLoggedOnUser") $hostname = hostname $installtype = (New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell).RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\InstallationType") $pos = $lastlogon.IndexOf("\") $leftPart = $lastlogon.Substring(0, $pos) $lastlogonusername = $lastlogon.Substring($pos+1) if ($installtype -eq "Server") { Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value $hostname , "/" , $leftPart }else { Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value $lastlogonusername , "/" , $hostname , "/" , $leftPart , "/" , $Location }
  17. A neat feature would be an automated work flow for alerts received of this nature to end users that are using the system to notify them of a high cpu temp so they can take appropriate measures to attempt to cool the unit down.
  18. I am having the same issue. Why can't I simply find it in my programs and features and uninstall it? I tried the powershell script above and it said it successfully uninstalled it. But Pulseway manager is still there. I originally had a personal account and downloaded the agent on my work computer. Then I started the 14-day trial for team accounts and needed to reinstall the agent on that same machine but it keeps giving me an error 1001 code "This service already exists". I simply just need to reinstall the agent but this seems difficult to do normally.
  19. The business address I use is a .net address. it says its not a valid email address unless I put .com then it shows as valid.
  20. Hi i seted up wake on lan and it works but when i try to stup wake on wan it doesnt work. Can someone help me?
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  22. Oddly enough, this is now back working on its own...! Happy for this to be closed. Thanks for all support.
  23. Hi @Mark! Thanks for your response. Apologies for the lack of detail on this one - please see below: Server OS Version Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Release: 18.04 Codename: bionic How I ran the registration: I ran the following: wget http://www.pulseway.com/download/pulseway_x64.deb dpkg -i pulseway_x64.deb cp /etc/pulseway/config.xml.sample /etc/pulseway/config.xml pulseway-registration We are not using a custom server for this. What step is throwing the error: - I am able to select option 1 (Register System) - I then enter my username and password for Pulseway - I select NO to custom serer (N) - I select the organization (1 - Creators Wave) - I select the site (1 - Default Site) - I select the agent group (2 - Default) The console then errors and says: An error encountered while processing the request. Please check the logs
  24. Same here. I spent one hour to figure out why it does not work. It should be clear: "This feature is not enabled for free version" I also wanted to change from Team Viewer, but firstly I had to test your remote desktop feature. Is it possible to activate for a few days to see how it looks like?
  25. Disable IPv6 All Network Adapters, the second line allows you to check status of all adapters after run. Carefull, suggest you run on workstations only. Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "*" -ComponentID ms_tcpip6 Get-NetAdapterBinding -ComponentID ms_tcpip6 Enable IPv6 All Network Adapters enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "*" -ComponentID ms_tcpip6 Get-NetAdapterBinding -ComponentID ms_tcpip6
  26. Is there a way to make a script that will log you into any user profile?
  27. Hi, Can you give more details about Ubuntu version? How did you run the Pulseway registration ? (are you using custom server) What step from the registration is throwing the error? Mark
  28. Still getting this following a server restart overnight. I’ll be honest this one has me stumped!
  29. Only 60? just between my hard drives and my private ips I have to make those queries
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