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  3. Posted since 2019 and not a response. I just came from a competitor and their report is so simple, you pick up the report you want to print, select the customer and done. Here you have to create a report for every single customer.
  4. And like most other topics, a few basic and needed request, lost in the abyss. I'm going to say +1 as well but I don't think no one will notice.
  5. I also requested this, I chat with them and told them that the app shows all tickets including the completed ones in my case, since I have them by status. I don't need to see old tickets or completed tickets. Another issue I have with the tickets in the app is that sometimes customers open tickets for the same problem so I merge them in order to keep track of one single problem but when when you go to the app, all the tickets are separated. I don't understand why development don't see what you have in one side and replicate it on another side, is like 2 completely teams not talking to eac
  6. This simple feature request has been asked for years since I've been with Pulseway and is completely ignore, every year. I wouldn't hold my breath on this. I have to manually add the username manually on each computer in order to be identify who is sitting on that workstation but then it started becoming a problem when the business switch computers or the user move to another computer. Then you have to repeat the process again. Sometimes I have occasion where the user just move temporarily into another computer and ask for support and then you don't know where that user is sitting because the
  7. Got a new update yesterday and now i can at least shut of the computers but not start them.
  8. Hi Since i updated my iPhone to iOS 14 i can't remote my systems at home. Why is that and how can i fix it? Todde
  9. +1 on the web dashboard. We could really use this.
  10. Thank you Paul for your reply, but i dont find the option:
  11. Hello, You can purchase a subscription at https://my.pulseway.com/main/subscription/manage. -Paul
  12. I would like an update on this, every RMM has the ability to do this except Pulseway. There is no way to properly apply a feature release using Pulseway without doing it manually. How do we support mobile users that are working from home when a feature release reaches EOL?
  13. Sorry for Opening this old thread. I have the same Problem with the limited notifications. Where can i add more licenses?
  14. If a user is limited in what tickets they can view (IE Security Scope and Role) they cannot see any tickets when selecting all tickets. They can see their assigned tickets under My Tickets. I can't seem to figure out why.
  15. i have pulseway installed on many macs and since the latest release my end users are reporting a popup from pulseway requiring an update to be installed. Why is this not silently instealled like on windows pcs?
  16. No the performance is sub par. I have had issues with it fully locking up the mac during a remote session and it requiring a hard reset. the responsiveness to mouse and keyboard inputs lag badly. Not any of the 30+ macs i have deployed it on has worked great. Does not matter if the mac is hard wired or on wifi, performance is the same. I have also tried different internet connections.
  17. Just what i was looking for :-) Thanks If only your distribution tool did that - the serial af the harddisk is the same om my 130 servers... But thank you for the script to make it work :-)
  18. Hi Matt, Well, I don't think you the only one with this issue. I have not had RMM issues and answers, but the PSA is a different story. Yes, talk to your sales rep for help with this. Gary
  19. Yes you can. We are even using this feature to assign tickets to our self if we sent in an email to the system. That way another tech does not pickup the ticket and start working on it. Gary
  20. Hi, We had the same question (Mainly for end of month). All I did was ask our Techs to 'submit' their timesheets on every Friday night. (We changed our week start on Sat.) If you want to go through approval before you pay, maybe you can ask for timesheets to be submitted, then approve time, then reject the time sheet so they can enter more time for the next few days. Not sure if this works or not, maybe give it a try first. Gary
  21. It would be useful to be able to sort by more than one field, for example i would like to sort my tickets primarly by Status, but within each status i would like to order by Open Date (or Last Activity Date) so i can see which is the oldest within each status.
  22. Agreed, it would be useful. Was one of the first things I wanted when i signed up. However, this script met my needs just fine after a couple of tweaks - credit to eDecisions and Continu IT Solutions
  23. I had very similar issues during testing of deployments. This is what I was did - : 1. Remove the service via command sc delete "pc monitor" 2. Remove C:\Program Files\Pulseway folder. (Not always was essential for me, but during my testing wanted to make sure i had a blank canvas) 3. Run the installation from the MSI to install Pulseway with default config. 4. At that point I could removed Pulseway from Control Panel \ Add Remove Programs. Hope this helps,
  24. I had installed Pulseway and then wanted to delete it but I was not able to find Pulseway in the control panel uninstall feature and so I tried manually uninstalling files but that also did not work. I tried running the .msi installer again but an error came up saying that Pulseway is already installed but it still was not showing up. Please help me with this.
  25. For what obscure and absurd reason it is not possible to add / modify SNMP monitoring fields remotely but only locally ???
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