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  1. Has something changed then - we've got a few legacy 2008R2 boxes and they're all running fine, reporting success/failure through this tab, same version of the pulseway agent on all?
  2. Ta - that's the fallback - had hoped to get it working the same way we have with other 2008r2 boxes
  3. I've added a legacy Win 2008R2 server and need to monitor Windows Server Backup until we can migrate it to a new system - but the option is greyed out in Pulseway Manager WSB is added and the command line options - it's running fine and checked the command line options are working Tried a remove/reinstall - but no joy Any ideas on a way to force it "on" or information on what it's checking to try and find why it's leaving this option disabled Thanks
  4. JoeS

    iOS update

    +1 Agreed, the IOS app is very impressive and excellent to use - too often forums are full of problems and grief - so nice to say something positive
  5. +1 also for notification of a server coming back online, we have instances where ISP drops out briefly,sometimes overnight and multiple times and this would alert us to this. Also the red flag showing server offline isn't correct if server online - I do appreciate that it's expected we will be monitoring the server in a scenario like this but good to know server is actually up.
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