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  3. Security settings menu showed weird firewall list. In my case, i already uninstalled kaspersky antivirus, but kaspersky firewall still showed up. It showed up twice, one enabled and one disabled. This bug affecting my executive system report and make the score lower. Please help
  4. test_address="" tunnel_interfaceWAN="eth0" tunnel_interfaceVPN="tun1" init_ping_tries=2 ping_tries=init_ping_tries WANup=0 while [[ $ping_tries -lt 5] && [ $WANup -eq 0 ]] do if ping -c 1 -W 1 $test_address -I $tunnel_interfaceWAN >/dev/null then WANup=1 fi ping_tries=$((ping_tries+1)) done if $WANup -eq 0 then echo "VPN is down because Internet is down [exit 0]" exit 0 fi Im pretty new to bash programming, this script should be simple, but I cant seem to figure out why it is not working correctly. Is there something wrong with the syntax of my while loop or last if statement?
  5. Hello, in many places on the web application, the German translation is really miserable. Would it be possible to correct this, do you need help from a native speaker, like me?
  6. Hello, we have created a workflow, it is active and has a maximum execution time of one hour. This workflow, should be executed every time a user logs in to the system. For this purpose, a simple script is executed, which adds the respective username to the computer name. However, we notice that this does not work. The usernames are not updated, and I have to run the script manually as a task. Am I using the wrong trigger here?
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  8. Hello, My Enterprise server is stuck at version 8.4.0 I Already re-installed the pulseway enterprise server update. Version: 4.7.5 See Logs: 6/21/2022, 14:30:03.107: Pulseway Enterprise Server Update ver. 4.7.5 6/21/2022, 14:30:03.107: Service started. 6/21/2022, 14:30:08.123: Reading database settings... 6/21/2022, 14:30:08.279: Reading database settings complete, current version found: 319 6/21/2022, 14:30:08.294: Checking for updates... 6/21/2022, 14:30:08.935: Server is up to date. How can i upgrade my enterprise servers to the newste version 8.11.2 ?
  9. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it. You have made my day! Thx again.
  10. The Arch Linux package still doesn't work. It's 2022 by the way... The reason is that the package as provided by Pulseway does not support systemd. The default init system of Arch Linux is systemd since October 2012... I think it is time to update the Arch Linux package? I was able to get the Pulseway package installed by extracting the .txz file and by copying the contents of the folders to the appropriate locations. Next I did copy the unit file from the Debian (.deb) package to the Arch Linux installation. Finally I was able to start Pulseway under Arch Linux with the systemctl command. I did write a blog post about it (it's in Dutch - but the steps are easy to follow / reproduce): https://ict-diensten.com/site/nl/pages/blog/pulseway-onder-arch-linux Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, My requirement is to monitor hardware components in a server using the REST API and Powershell. Currently I'm working at Fujitsu servers and I'm able to get the necessary monitoring information to Powershell objects from Fujitsu iRMC (Baseboard Management Controller) using the REST API. However, proceeding from here is the issue. I want to know how to feed the queried information to Pulseway and generate notifications based on the thresholds that will be defined. Based on the research I've done it seems like I need to create a plugin and add it to the Pulseway Manager. (Not 100% sure about this) Could you please help on how to get this done? Thanks, Randula.
  12. Hi Support, Is there any way that we can open the pulseway tickets on our MS outlook? sample once we check the ticket on our dashboard and open it (on pulseway psa platform) is there any link or procedures how we can open it on outlook? basically it will integrate to our outlook. thx
  13. Hello, I apologize if this is a newbie question and is answered somewhere else. I tried various searches on the forum and didn't find the answer. Is there a way to change the default (60 seconds) that the system waits for the user to confirm before starting a remote desktop session? I found the setting where it can be turned off/on, but have not been able to find a number of seconds to wait. Thank you! Rob
  14. Hello there, Has anyone used Pulseway with the lates UnraidOS 6.10 ? cuz I see a lot has changed since the post here and from https://forums.unraid.net/topic/106256-find-path-to-usb-disk/ will appreciate a lot if someone knows something on this topic
  15. Hi, I would like to know whether you have solved this problem. I came across this a month ago when trying to connect my mail and old software to sort my emails. For some reason, it always gave an error, although, before that, everything worked fine. I already work through linkedin sales navigator scraper, but I would like to restore the previous account and work as before. After all, your post was written some time ago, and I will be glad if you share with other users and me how you solved this problem.
  16. Hi Team, We have created our email templates and applied them to the workflows in PSA which are working as expected. However, we are seeing a generic email being generated (below) to the client in addition to the custom template. I can not see where this is being generated from and would like to disable it. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers
  17. Is there a way to easily check which tasks and scripts have ran for the past xx days with its status for a particular machine? I would have expected to find it when selecting the machine amongst all the other information Instead we have to go to Tasks , and then Execution History, but it is per task, and there could be hundred of executions for that task, and we need to open then one by one to find the desired machine. Not easy Basically, very quickly, we want to check what has ran or not, and if the tasks were successful Thanks
  18. Hi Team, Can we have an event log for when Maint mode is triggered or removed? Not a bad thing to have when tracking a problem but also we can then use things like automations based on events. It would be good if it said which user triggered it but even just a simple maint mode on / off with a standard event ID would be amazing. Use Case: Medium to large organisations have lots of people managing servers even third parties. By seeing who / when a device was put into maint mode it would help track changes. Another key use is that if i can trigger an automation based on Pulseway maint mode i can have it do various things such as send an email to a specific address to silence alerts in third party systems based on this one maint mode.
  19. tldr: I have an endpoint policy to trigger a workflow from an event log I have it set to notify on low, is there a way to have the low notification auto deleted as the workflow that triggers sends an elevated alert for workstations with 5 or more days uptime
  20. Hi. We now have various systems running the upgrade to Windows 11. Despite the global rule 21H2 --> Don´t Install Can someone please send (urgently) clear, complete instructions what to do, how? Group policy is out of the question as some devices are running as workstations. I hope someone from the tech team will take care of this entry. And no, users did not click "Update".
  21. Yeah I think I am trying to make it too complicated and I'm 99% sure you're correct about the customfields being the wrong way because, I am using a workflow to add a tag and all my computers just about put themselves into "Uptime" tag i made
  22. I am not a Pusleway user anymore, but there are a couple of ways you could do this. You mention event ID, but I don't see any logic in your script to write an event ID to the event log. However, that would probably be the easiest way, and then have Pulseway look for (and alert off of) that event entry. I always set up a custom Event Log and then use my own codes so that I never have to worry about looking through logs with other stuff in it. All my stuff goes to a custom log I set up. As far as your code, your logic seems, a bit off to me unless I'm just too tired lol, but your first if statement, your essentially saying if lastboot is BEFORE 14 days ago, SetCustomeFieldNo... Would you want that to be a yes, since that means it hasn't rebooted in over 14 days? I think your statements are backwards. I assume your SetCustomField Yes would be used for if it's been up for over 14 days. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. I personally wouldn't bother with setting the custom fields. I would again, just write to whatever event log you want, with whatever event ID you want, set Pulseway to alert off that event ID, and then schedule your script to run once a day. As soon as it runs and sees a machine over 14 days, it creates event log entry which Pulseway will then alert you to.
  23. At the moment I'm trying to get a script to register on event id 4624 to check if the computer has been online for 14 days or more and this isn't working sadly if i could get any tips or improvements # Outputs $SETCUSTOMFIELDNO = "SHORT" $SETCUSTOMFIELDYES = "LONG" $days = 14 $system = Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem if($system.ConvertToDateTime($system.LastBootUpTime) -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-$days)){ Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable SETCUSTOMFIELDNO ""$SETCUSTOMFIELDNO""") -Wait }else{ Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable SETCUSTOMFIELDYES ""$SETCUSTOMFIELDYES""") -Wait }
  24. BUMP... Has anyone integrated a 3CX system with their PSA? Do you want to share your 3CX CRM Template? Gary
  25. anyone have any scripts they use that will send an alert to pulseway about a machine that has been online for X amount of days?
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