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Audit report


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First of all great product, tx.


I plan to develop some plugins for the community, things that I use a lot and could be useful so this feature request could go either way...

Option 1: an API to design custom reports

Option 2: an audit report


This report needs to have the following information to be worthwhile

* Computer Make

* Computer Model

* Computer Serial number

* Computer Mac

* IP address

* Domain

* Computer OS

* OS key (Windows)


Additional fields should include the group it's in and the computer users name - I normally put this in the Computer Name field.  I know there are hardware reports but they cover one piece of hardware across the entire group.  We need all the pieces across the group.  Shouldn't be too difficult to do.  :)



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Update: We have released a new Windows Agent and the Audit report should start appearing on the mobile device.

The audit report includes all the info with the exception of OS Key - for privacy reasons this is stored on the server only if you host your own Enterprise server.

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I'm using the free version to test it out and I get a very basic Audit report that just includes: Manufacturer, Model, Domain, Computer Name, Serial NUmber, Install Date, IP Adress, and Mac Address. How can I run an audit report that includes CPU, Memory, etc?



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For me, I can only to get detailed audit information is by clicking on a specific computer to view OS, BIOS, & System information. Then check memory, harddisk, IP address individual. It'd be nice to be able to run a report I could email to myself that included all of this information on each computer in a group vs having to click on each computer one by one.

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