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Sharing computers between accounts


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PC Monitor Enterprise Server supports unlimited accounts allowing you to split the areas of responsibility within your team by allowing multiple monitoring accounts and the ability to "share" the monitored computers and notifications between the team members.

To enable this feature start PC Monitor app on the monitored computer and press the "Change Account Details" from the Accounts tab.

From the "Associated Accounts" tab you can share any computers with other accounts as read only or full access with or without notifications.

You can add multiple entries for the same account sharing a subset of computers as read only and another subset with full access.

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On 11.2.2015 at 1:11 PM, affer said:

Is there a settings where all pulseway users get access to all newly added computers with pulseway installation, so we dont need to give access to a new computer to a pulseway user on each install.

I would also like to see this feature in Pulseway.


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